Section 401 Water Quality Certification - Final Letters

Section 401 WQC - Program

The following Section 401 Water Quality Certification (WQC) actions have been issued within the previous 60 days. *

12/23/2021 Port of Los Angeles Berth 95 Barge Landing Ramp Upgrade Project Denial
12/13/2021 California Department of Transportation Seismic Retrofits Project (State Route 91, EA 30160) Conditional WQC
12/13/2021 Southern California Edison TD 1445449 Eagle Rock – Beverly 66kV M0-T2 Gabion Retaining Wall Project Conditional WQC
12/09/2021 M & A Gabaee, LLC Single Family Dwelling at 10550 Bellagio Road Conditional WDR
12/03/2021 Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District Soledad Canyon Relief Trunk Sewer Section 4 Project Conditional WQC
12/03/2021 County of Los Angeles Department of Beaches and Harbors Marina del Rey Public Boat Launch Improvement Project Conditional WQC
11/22/2021 City of Long Beach Davies Launch Ramp Improvements Project Denial
11/08/2021 Rancho Simi Recreation and Parks District Oak Canyon Community Park and Pond Restoration Conditional WQC
11/08/2021 City of Ojai Public Works Department West Barranca Culvert Replacement Project Conditional WQC
11/08/2021 Port of Los Angeles Berths 177-178 Wharf Restoration Conditional WQC
11/08/2021 United States Army Corps of Engineers Whittier Narrows Dam Safety Modification Conditional WQC
11/08/2021 Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority Ramirez Creek Sediment Removal Conditional WQC
11/08/2021 Stephen Eckenhausen 173 Rivo Alto Canal Dock Replacement – Eckenhausen Residence Dock Improvement Project Conditional WQC
11/08/2021 NUWI Camarillo LLC Camarillo Springs TTM 6016 Project Denial
11/01/2021 City of Long Beach Water Department Demolition of the Under Ocean Floor Seawater Intake and Discharge Demonstration Project Conditional WQC
10/26/2021 United Water Conservation District Freeman Diversion Sediment Management Project Conditional WQC
10/24/2021 Los Angeles County Department of Public Works Alamitos Bay Pump Station Project Conditional WQC
10/24/2021 Sage Live Oak, LLC Triangle Ranch (Tract 52419) Residential Development Project Conditional WQC

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Please contact Valerie Carrillo at (213) 576-6759. Any petitions for the appeal of a Section 401 WQC action must be filed within 30 days of the date of its issuance.

* This list will be updated as documents become available (approximately 3 days from date of issuance).

401 Certification Contacts: