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Water Regulation

Water Code Section 13267 authorizes the Water Boards to require technical reports from suspected dischargers.

Water Code Section 13304 authorizes the Water Boards to issue "cleanup and abatement" orders requiring a discharger to cleanup and abate waste "where the discharger has caused or permitted waste to be discharged or deposited where it is or probably will be discharged into waters of the State and creates or threatens to create a condition of pollution or nuisance." Water Code Section 13304 also authorizes the Regional Water Boards to recover costs for oversight of site cleanup at these sites.

State Water Board Resolution No. 92-49, "Policies and Procedures for Investigation, Cleanup and Abatement of Discharges Under Water Code Section 13304", State Water Board Resolution No. 68-16, "Statement of Policy with Respect to Maintaining High Quality of Waters in California"; and State Water Board Resolution No. 88-63,"Sources of Drinking Water", contain the policies and procedures that all Water Boards shall follow to oversee and regulate investigations and cleanup and abatement activities resulting from all types of discharge or threat of discharge subject to Water Code Section 13304.