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Storm Water Industrial Activities Sampling Program Evaluation in California, January 2005.

Download Presentation from FTP site: Economics of Municipal Storm Water Programs (01/28/2003)

Review and Analysis of Budget Data Submitted by the Permittees for Fiscal Years 2000 – 2003 (01/13/2003).



Response to Petitions (07/31/2002)

Inspections by the Regional Board in the Los Angeles County MS4 Area (excluding Long Beach). Click here for the Excel file or PDF file. (05/01/2003)

Industrial/Commercial Inspections Los Angeles MS4 Permit Workshop (06/17/2002)
Documentation is available on the ftp site. Click here to get to the ftp site.

Municipal Storm Water Questions and Answers (Q&A) (02/2002)

County of Los Angeles Municipal Storm Water NPDES Permit Documents:


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