Fire Assistance & Cleanup Information

Fire Assistance & Cleanup Information

2008 Freeway Complex Fires

Board Resolution No. R8-2008-0100 - Emergengy Resolution, expressing support for the use of compost products for erosion control applications within the areas burned during the November 2008 Fires (Freeway Complex Fires).

Compost Use Guidance Document

Compost Use for Landscape and Environmental Enhancement, June 2007 by The California Integrated Waste Management Board

NOTICE OF INTENT to apply compost within fire-impacted areas in compliance with emergency resolution No. R8-2008-0100 (MS Word). Please note that Attachment 1 to the Notice of Intent is the updated Table 4, above.

NOTICE OF TERMINATION of compost application within the fire-impacted areas in compliance with emergency resolution No. R8-2008-0100 (MS Word)

California Stormwater Quality Association Construction Handbook, Section 3 - Erosion and Sediment Control BMPs - The Construction Handbook provides general guidance for selecting and implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) that will eliminate or reduce the discharge of pollutants from construction sites to waters of the state. Some, but not all, parts of Section 3 of the Handbook can be used to address fire-affected lands as well.

2007 Wildfire Information

Cal Fire - Up to date Status of Fire Incidents

Governor's Office of Emergency Services - October 2007 Fires

Governor's Homepage - Contains links with fire information

Fire Assistance and Cleanup Information

Cal/EPA Fire Response and Recovery Page

TENTATIVE RESOLUTION NO. R8-2007-0081 - An emergency conditional temporary waiver of statutory requirements to file a report of waste discharge and to adopt waste discharge requirements for management and disposal of solid waste from the 2007 wildfires

San Diego Region Wildfires - San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board information page

Technical Documents/References - Cleanup/Removal of Ash and Debris

Agency Contact information/Additional Resources

Cal/EPA Southern California Fires Response - So Cal Fires - 2003 Information (link no longer available)

State Water Resources Control Board's and Regional Water Quality Control Boards' Interim Recommendations for Disposal of Animal Carcasses Associated with Fires - 2003 document

Additional Information

USDA Forest Service Active Fire Mapping Program - View Current maps of California