Santa Ana Region - Dairies

Santa Ana Region - Dairies

On December 7, 2018, the Regional Board adopted Order No. R8-2018-0001.  This Order is the General Waste Discharge Requirements for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (Dairies and Related Facilities) within the Santa Ana Region.  The Order is a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit under the federal Clean Water Act.  The Order will go into effect on March 17, 2019.  In the meantime, Order No. R8-2013-0001 remains in effect.  Order No. R8-2018-001 and related electronic forms are below.  Printable paper versions of all forms are included as part of the Order.

Order No. R8-2018-0001 (effective March 17, 2019)

  • Notice of Intent (NOI) form – dairy operators currently authorized under Order No. R8-2013-0001 are required to submit a new completed Notice of Intent form no later than May 1, 2019 to receive authorization under the new Order No. R8-2018-0001.  Operators do not need to submit Engineered Waste Management Plans or Nutrient Management Plans if they intend to continue to implement plans that have already been approved by the Regional Board’s Executive Officer.  The NOI form includes fields for operators to indicate their intent to implement previously-approved plans or to submit new plans.

  • Notice of Termination (NOT) form – this form is used to terminate authorization to discharge under either Order No. R8-2013-001 or Order No. R8-2013-0001.
  • Form 1 – Weekly Storm Water Management Structure Inspections Log Sheet

  • Form 2 – Summary Report of Weekly Storm Water Management Structure Inspections

  • Form 3 – This is the Annual Report Form.  This Form must be submitted by January 15 of each year for the previous calendar year.  A complete Annual Report includes a completed Form 3 and other information in Provision XI.A.3. of the Monitoring and Reporting Program for Order No. R8-2018-0001.

  • Form 4 – Manure Tracking Manifest

2018 General Permit Renewal

The following are related to the adoption of Order No. R8-2018-0001

Tentative Order No. R8-2018-0001

Tentative Order No. R8-2018-0001 Clean Version.

Notice of Extension of the Comment Period for Draft Order No. R8-2018-0001 - Regional Board staff extended the comment period for Draft Order No. R8-2018-0001.  The original comment period ends August 21, 2018.  Regional Board staff is extending the comment period to August 30, 2018.

Notice of Opportunity for Public Comment: Draft Order No. R8-2018-0001

The following information is related to Regional Board staff's work in preparing a new Order.

Order R8-2013-0001 - The General Waste Discharge Requirements for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (Dairies and Related Facilities). This order expires upon the effective date of Order No. R8-2018-0001.

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