Public Notice - Tentative Board Orders

Tentative Board Orders

10 Days Prior to the Board Meeting Date, the Agenda and all items are posted on the Agenda/Minutes/EO Reports page. Please check that page prior to the Board Meeting for the latest revision of the tentative orders.

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Tentative Orders

  • Order R8-2021-0038 Waste Discharge Requirements for Veterans Industrial Park 215 Project, City of Moreno Valley, Riverside County

  • Order R8-2021-0033 Waste Discharge Requirements for FPG SUN Menifee 80, LLC Menifee 80 City of Menifee, Riverside County

  • Order R8-2021-0034 Short-term Renewal of Order R8-2016-0003, As Amended by Order-2017-0023, Conditional Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges from Agricultural Operations in the Watershed of the San Jacinto River and its Tributaries, and Canyon Lake and Lake Elsinore and their Tributaries, Collectively "The San Jacinto Watershed", Riverside County

  • Order R8-2021-0010 Waste Discharge Requirements and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit for Orange County Sanitation District Publicly Owned Treatment Works (Reclamation Plant No. 1, Treatment Plant No. 2, Collection System, and Outfalls)


Enforcement Actions