San Diego Region - Certified Projects (401 Certifications - 2011)

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Amendment 3

The Sorrento Creek Channel Maintenance Project was originally certified for the City of San Diego on 08/22/2006. Amendment 1 was issued on 12/22/2011.

Amendment 1

The Sorrento Creek Channel Maintenance Project was originally certified for the City of San Diego on 08/22/2006. Amendment 1 was issued on 12/22/2011.

Amendment 3

125 South Toll Road, Certification 12/20/2011, Construction of eight-lane highway from Otay Mesa Road (Route 905) to Spring Valley Road (Route 54).


Murrieta Regional Learning Center, 12/12/2011, County of Riverside Office of Education, The proposed project consists of the construction of a regional educational facility comprised of classrooms, hard courts and associated facilities and improvements.


Interstate 15 and Clinton Keith Road Interchange Improvement Project, 11/21/2011, Riverside County Transportation Department, The proposed project is located in the City of Murrieta and consists of the redevelopment of the Interstate 15 and Clinton Keith Road Interchange to improve traffic flow and safety. The proposed project would impact 0.03 acre (131 linear feet) of an unnamed jurisdictional streambed (waters of the U.S.) through the expansion of an existing culvert that traverses I-15.


Interstate 805 North Managed Lanes, 11/07/11, California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) - The project proposes modification on Interstate 805 to maintain or improve future traffic operation on this freeway from State Route 52 (SR-52) to just north of Mira Mesa Boulevard. Four managed lanes will be constructed (two in each direction) from SR-52 to La Jolla Village Drive and two High Occupancy Lanes (one in each direction) from La Jolla Village Drive to just north of Mira Mesa Boulevard.


Citricado High School, 11/03/2011, Escondido High School District, Escondido High School proposes the development of a new career technology high school on a District owned 36.35 acre site. The project is limited to the construction of the high school within a 23 acre footprint with installation of landscaping elsewhere on the project site. There will be a 50-foot wide buffer along the edges of the school site to provide a minimum distance between buildings, parking areas, and playing fields and the residential properties. The area within the buffer will be landscaped and developed with fences, walking paths, and/or drainage catch basins, or left undeveloped.

Amendment 2

Aliso Creek Outlet Maintenance Program, 11/01/2011, Orange County Parks, Amendment to a combination of previously permitted bi-annual major maintenance work on the Aliso creek outlet and biweekly minor grading to notch the sand berm that plugs the outlet.


Woodside Avenue Drainage Improvements Project, 10/28/2011, County of San Diego, The proposed project is replacement of approximately 1,800-feet of an existing, partially underground storm water drainage system parallel to Woodside Avenue with an upgraded underground drainage system and construction of two 14-foot by 5-foot box culverts that would transport water under State Route 67 for a distance of approximately 340-feet. Dewatering may be required if groundwater is encouraged during construction.


36-Inch Raw Water Pipeline Replacement Project, 10/10/2011, Sweetwater Authority, The project proposes to repair a break in the 36-inch raw water pipeline below the Sweetwater Dam. The 122 year-old pipeline conveys water stored in the Sweetwater Reservoir to the water treatment plant.

Amendment 1

Line D and Line D-1 Flood Control Realignment Project, 10/03/2011, City of Murrieta, Amendment to the long-term maintenance activities associated with the project. The City of Murrieta proposes to trim and remove vegetation, remove falling trees, remove dead trees and shrubs, remove sediment, clear trash and debris within the bioretention area. In addition, they propose to sand filter three interim detention basins and the Line D and D-1 Channels (outside the easement area).


Regional Beach Sand Project II, 09/30/2011, San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), This project proposes to replenish the beach shoreline throughout San Diego County. The 10 receiver beaches are located in the cities of Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach, San Diego, and Imperial Beach.


San Vicente Drainage Improvement Project, 09/27/2011, County of San Diego Department of Public Works - The project consists of drainage improvements on San Vicente Road which will carry storm-water from the east side of San Vicente Road south along San Vicente Road for a distance of 200 feet and outfall 200 feet west of the road. The inlet will consist of a head wall and wing wall and a 18" reinforced concrete pipe supplemental inlet on the east side of San Vicente Road located at an unnamed private road south of Barger Road. The 6'x2' underground culvert will be built on the east side of San Vicente Road for a distance of 200 feet before crossing San Vicente Road just north of San Vicente Terrace. The culvert will then travel 200 feet to the west across a portion of Ramona High School before draining into an unnamed drainage. The outfall will consist of a headwall, wingwall, and rip rap.


Certification issued for the Temecula Regional Medical Center to Universal Health Services, Inc. on 09/26/2011.


Tijuana River Valley Wetland Mitigation Project, 09/23/2011, San Diego County Water Authority. Create approximately 40 acres of native wetlands vegetation and create a surface water hydrologic connection to the Tijuana River to provide effective flow for flood waters across the site and conditions for the development of self-sustaining wetlands. An extension of an existing earthen berm would be constructed to close a breach in the earthen levee west of Hollister Bridge along the southern channel of the Tijuana River.


Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses Project, 09/01/2011, Temecula Valley Congregate of Jehovah’s Witnesses, This project consists of construction of a 8,284-square foot single-story building, with 49,023-square feet of parking, and 37,778-square feet of landscaping. The project will widen a previously installed dip crossing on Aussie Road where it crosses an ephemeral streambed that is a tributary to Murrieta Creek which eventually flows into the Santa Margarita River.


Sorrento Miramar Double Track – Phase I, 08/25/2011, SANDAG, The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) has proposed to construct a second railroad track parallel to an existing track to reduce train traffic. The proposed project area is located mostly parallel to and over Soledad Valley Creek, parallel and south-west of Sorrento Valley Road, starts at the Sorrento Valley Coaster Station, and ends at confluence of Carroll Canyon and Soledad Canyon Creeks (approximate ½ mile east of I-805).


Line D and Line D-1 Flood Control Realignment Project, 08/19/2011, City of Murrieta, The proposed project consists of realignment of flows for 2 tributaries to Murrieta Creek, referred to as Line D and D-1 by the Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District. The project purpose is to alleviate the flooding of Madison and Jefferson Avenues from improper infrastructure design, while allowing for the future development of the adjacent parcels. The project will realign and underground portions of Line D-1 and provide connectivity between Line D and Line D-1 during periods of higher flows in order to convey flows under Jefferson Avenue. The project will also retrofit existing untreated impervious surfaces with mechanical inlet filter, bioretention area, and sand filter post construction BMPs.


Aliso Canyon Road Improvement Project, 08/19/2011, California Department of Public Works. The proposed project consists of drainage improvements to Aliso Canyon Road beginning at the intersection of Aliso Canyon Road and Avenida del Duque and extending south on Aliso Canyon Road to the intersection of Aliso Canyon Road and El Camino del Norte. The existing storm drain is not adequate to carry existing storm flows resulting in flooding along Aliso Canyon Road during significant storm events. Drainage improvements include installation of a supplemental storm drain, replacement of a portion of the existing storm drain culverts, curb inlets, catch basins, headwalls, storm drain cleanouts, and associated utility relocations and roadway improvements.


Mission Control Perimeter Fence and Swale Maintenance, 08/04/2011, San Diego Gas and Electric, The project is to repair six severely eroded concrete-lined swales where portions of San Diego Gas and Electric’s (SDG&E) Mission Control Center perimeter fence crosses six jurisdictional areas along the western and northern boundaries of the site. SDG&E will repair these sites by installing reinforced concrete-lined swales, replacing deteriorated fence sections, repairing fence posts where necessary and installing security bar grates at each of the six locations to improve facility security.

Amendment 2

Poche Beach Pipe Repairs and Pilot Discharge Relocation, 07/22/2011, Orange County Public Works. Amendment to certification to repair and reconnect damaged sections of rigid PVC discharge pipe located on the North side of the Poche Beach pond in Orange County.


SR-163/Friars Road Interchange Project, 07/22/2011, City of San Diego. The project is to make improvements to the SR-163/Friars Road interchange and to adjacent roads. Major project elements include widening the bridge that crosses over the San Diego River for southbound SR-163 traffic, a new flyover Bridge, and widening and/or restriping other roads.


Poche Beach and Capistrano Beach Outlet No. 1 Ocean Outlet Maintenance Project, 07/22/2011, Orange County Parks. The project consists of recurring maintenance activities at Poche Beach Outlet and Capistrano Beach Outlet No. 1 along the Capistrano Beach shoreline adjacent to and in the City of Dana Point, CA. The Poche Beach Outlet is located southeast of the intersection of Camino Capistrano and the Pacific Coast Highway. Capistrano Beach Outlet No. 1 is located southeast of the intersection of Palisades Drive and Pacific Coast Highway at the southern section of the beach parking lot.


Batiquitos Lagoon Maintenance Dredging Project, 07/08/2011, South Coast Region V, California Department of Fish and Game. The project consists of the maintenance dredging of up to 300,000 cubic-yards of sand (in total, over 5 years) from flood shoals within the western and central basins of Batiquitos Lagoon; and the annual discharge of up to 118,000-cubic yards of dredged material (sand) on South Ponto Beach, south of the inlet to Batiquitos Lagoon. Work will be performed every two to three years as needed to maintain the tidal prism in accordance with the 1997 Batiquitos Lagoon Restoration Project. Maintenance dredging of up to 20,000 cubic-yards of cobbles from the lagoon mouth will be placed within the western basin to stabilize erosive shoreline areas and provide plover chick accessible slopes from the W-2 tern colony down to the waters edge. This project is self-mitigating as it is planned recurrent maintenance of an existing mitigation area.


The Del Dios Highway Drainage Improvements Project was certified on 06/23/2011 for the County of San Diego Department of Public Works. The project involves replacing an existing 40-inch concrete-lined, corrugated metal pipe with a 116-ft, 60-in diameter reinforced concrete pipe culvert to convey the 100-year flood elevation flow under Del Dios Highway.


Deer Canyon Mitigation Site Temporary Stream Crossing, 06/08/2011, California Department of Transportation. The proposed project is the construction of Deer Canyon Mitigation site. The Deer Canyon Mitigation site will provide compensatory mitigation for the proposed impacts from I-5/Genessee Avenue Interchange, the I-805 Managed Lanes, Carroll Canyon Road Extension, and Sorrento to Miramar Phase I (railroad double tracking) projects. (These projects have not been permitted nor built.) The Deer Canyon Mitigation site will provide for the establishment of approximately 12.3-acres of wetlands and 11.3-acres of riparian. The Deer Canyon Mitigation site also provides approximately 15.1-acres of upland habitat mitigation. The portion of the Deer Canyon Mitigation site that requires Clean Water Act section 401 and 404 permits will be done for two temporary crossings in Deer Canyon Creek.


Former South Coast Quarry Amended Reclamation Plan, 06/07/2011, Hanson Aggregates Pacific Southwest, Inc. The reclamation project includes re-grading portions of the Buena Vista Creek channel at its current location to expand the width of the channel bottom and create earthen slopes along both sides. The total channel cross-section will include a low flow channel, an expanded channel riparian zone, overbank terraces, and an upland zone. The existing 35 to 80 foot channel bottom will be left intact over approximately 750 feet of its length, with areas adjacent to the channel being graded down to approximately the existing channel bottom. The resulting total channel bottom width is 150 feet. Overbank terraces will be added to both sides of the channel resulting in an overall channel width of approximately 197 feet. Seven drop structures ranging from one to three feet in height at the center of the creek will be constructed at irregular intervals along the channel. The entire length of the channel will be seeded and planted with a variety of riparian, woodland, and scrub vegetation and contain a meandering low-flow channel. The project also includes grading work north and south of Buena Vista Creek to create two unpaved gently sloping pads.


Thompson Road to Domenigoni Parkway, 06/03/2011, Riverside County of Transportation. The project includes the widening and improvement of State Route 79 (SR-79) for a distance of approximately 7.5-miles from Thompson Road to Domenigoni Parkway. The majority of the project including all impacts to waters of the United States will take place within the jurisdiction of the San Diego Water Board.


Borden Road and Bridge Project, 06/02/2011, City of San Marcos. The project will construct a segment of Borden Road over a tributary to San Marcos Creek between Twin Oaks Valley Road and Woodward Street, a distance of approximately 700 feet, within the City of San Marcos. The completion of this segment of Borden Road will require the construction of a pre-cast concrete bridge with two 100-foot spans reaching a height of 6 to 9-feet over the Creek and the associated 100-year floodplain, with four traffic lanes, two 5-foot wide shoulders/bike lanes, a 7 ½ to 10 foot-wide equestrian/multi-use trail, and reconfiguration of the Borden Road/Twin Oaks Valley Road and Borden Road/Woodward Street intersections. A culvert is proposed to replace an existing open drainage channel that conveys water from Twin Oaks Valley Road to the Creek within the proposed roadway alignment. Rip-rap will be placed on either side of the Creek to protect the bridge structure from erosion.


French Valley Parkway Interchange Project, 05/27/2011, City of Temecula. The project includes the widening and improvements of I-15 and approaches from 0.9 km south of SR-79 to 1.5 km north of the I-15/215 junction. The project includes the construction of sound and retaining walls, new bridge features and replacements, the widening of existing ramps, and the construction of new ramps.


Crown Cove Dock Project, 05/26/2011, State of California Department of Boating and Waterways. The project is the construction of a new recreational dock in the Crown Cove inlet of South San Diego Bay by the State of California Department of Boating and Waterways.


Vector Habitat Remediation Program, 05/20/2011, County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health. The planned vector habitat program will be a primary tool for addressing long-term solutions that reduce mosquito breeding habitat. This project will be implemented throughout San Diego County.Mosquito breeding will be reduced by vegetation manipulation/removal, reduction of water retention, and changing physical characteristics of aquatic systems.


Grand Avenue/Las Posas Reach Flood Protection Project, 04/25/2011, City of San Marcos. The project includes the installation of a new two-lane, 57-foot long by 38-foot wide (2,166 square feet) by 15-foot-high bridge spanning Las Posas Creek to provide access to future redevelopment on the south side of the creek and improved energy dissipaters for six culvert outlets.


Wallach Property Project, 04/22/2011, Brookfield Land Company, Inc. Amendment to the original mitigation requirements to allow Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (RCFCWCD) to conduct maintenance activities within the existing mitigation site approximately 50 feet upstream and downstream of Pourroy Road, as well as adjacent to storm drain outfalls within the mitigation site. The RCFCWCD will not allow the placement of a conservation mechanism over the mitigation area unless it explicitly allows for maintenance at these locations.


Trabuco Creek Road Improvement Project, 04/15/2011, County of Orange, Public Works. The project involves the un-paved portion of Trabuco Creek Road from Trabuco Canyon Road to the United States Forest Service boundary. The project includes the construction of a concrete Arizona-style crossing over an unnamed tributary to Trabuco Creek, as well as the re-grading of the entire roadway and subsequent installation of decomposed granite over an aggregate base. The aggregate base and decomposed granite will also replace existing dirt dip crossings at three places, which are causing active erosion into Trabuco Creek.

Amendment 1

Guava Street Improvement Project, 03/29/2011, City of Murrieta. Amendment to the certification to require mitigation for impacts associated with on-going, as-needed maintenance of the box culvert.

Amendment 2

Santa Margarita River Bridge Replacement and Second Track Project, 03/24/2011, North County Transit District. Amendment No. 2 to the original certification to allow for the placement of 0.0184 acre (87 linear feet) of additional fill (1/2 to 1 ton riprap) to increase the size of an existing, temporary fill pad in the Santa Margarita River.


Line Section 122/126 Washout Repair at Sandy’s Ranch, 03/23/2011, Kinder Morgan Energy Partners. The project includes the repair and protection of two exposed petroleum pipelines that cross an ephemeral channel in Gonzalez Canyon 2 miles east of the City of Del Mar, in San Diego County. Pipe LS 122 will be cut and capped at the banks of the ephemeral channel. Pipe LS 126 will be covered with a grout filled geotextile mattress secured to the bed and banks of the channel.


Main Street Bridge Replacement Project, 03/11/2011, City of Temecula. The project includes the replacement of the City of Temecula’s Main Street Bridge in and over Murrieta Creek with a steel span bridge. The project proposes to retrofit two existing catch basins with mechanical filtration units. The units will treat 0.25 acres of the 0.38 acres of new impervious surfaces associated with the bridge. However, an additional 3.07 acres of currently untreated impervious surfaces will also be treated by retrofitting the catch basins.

Amendment 1

Reconductor Project from Rose Canyon to Eastgate – Replacement of Poles, 03/11/2011, San Diego Gas and Electric. Amendment to the original certification to allow for removal of vegetation within the avian nesting season provided that a biologist will monitor the site during construction activity.


Rose Creek Bike Path and Pedestrian Bridge Project, 03/04/2011, City of San Diego. Construction of the proposed bridge and east and west bikeway sections will connect the existing western bikeway terminus at Pacific Beach Drive with the eastern terminus along North Mission Bay Drive. The proposed bikeway segment will involve the installation of a 250-foot long and 16-foot wide cast in place pre-stressed cantilevered box girder bicycle/pedestrian bridge to span Rose creek as well as improvements to a 14 foot wide pedestrian and bicycle access way between the existing paved street ends and the bridge itself for a total project length of 1,770 feet, including the bridge.

Amendment 1

San Onofre Culvert and Slope Repair Project, 030/3/2011, Caltrans, District 11. Amendment to disallow any construction activity while water is flowing through the work area.


Oceanside Harbor Maintenance Dredging, 03/03/2011, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The project consists of one time maintenance dredging of the harbor entrance to maintain the navigational channels. The dredge volume is up to 260,000 cubic yards of material from the channel entrance and two Advanced Maintenance areas east and west of the channel entrance. Not more than 130,000 cubic yards will be disposed along the shoreline just south of the San Luis Rey Rivermouth and not more than 130,000 cubic yards at the beach south of Tyson Street in Oceanside, CA.


Pauba Road Pipeline Inter-Tie (project D1555), 02/17/2011, Rancho California Water District. The project proposes to construct approximately 750 lineal feet of 12-inch diameter cement mortar lined and coated steel potable water inter-tie pipeline five feet below the surface. The waterline will connect the existing 12-inch diameter stubbed waterline near the water district's existing Well No. 110 to the existing 12-inch waterline near Well No. 123. Upon project completion, the four foot wide and five foot deep trench will be returned to pre-project contours.


Vista Del Mar Elementary School, 02/07/2011, San Ysidro School District. The proposed project is the construction of an elementary school, related infrastructure, and the extension of the eastern section of Del Sol Boulevard to the western edge of the project boundary. The site is located on the southwest corner of Surf Crest Drive and Del Sol Boulevard in the City of San Diego.


Reconductor Project from Rose Canyon to Eastgate Replacement of Poles, 01/24/2011, San Diego Gas & Electric. The proposed project is the replacement of two deteriorating wooden poles (Pole Z95943 and Z95944) with new steel poles and new pole top hardware, cross arm, conductor and insulators within three feet of the existing poles. The existing poles will be cut at ground level. The line will then be re-strung with upgraded wiring. A crane will be used to remove the existing poles, and replace the new poles. The poles are located in the City of San Diego on the east side of Rose Canyon Open Space Preserve.


Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park: Mathis Service Road/ Trail Repair Project, 01/21/2011, Orange County Parks. The project includes the repair and reconstruction of an emergency access road and trail within the Aliso and Wood Canyon Wilderness Area in Orange County. The permanent fill includes the placement of rock riprap to re-contour the creek and reconstruct the access road and trail. Rock will be keyed into the bank up and downstream. Void spaces will be back filled with native soils and planted with willows and other native species. No impervious surfaces are associated with the project.


French Valley Towne Center Project, 01/21/2011, French Valley Town Center, LLC. The project includes the commercial development of a currently undeveloped lot located at the southeastern corner of Winchester (79) and Thompson Road in unincorporated Riverside County. The project site, although undeveloped, is traversed by a sub-surface aqueduct and is in a disturbed state due to historic grading for upstream residential development. The on-site wetland waters receive perennial flows from the upstream developed area. The project will infiltrate on-site the 85th percentile 24 hour storm event utilizing subsurface infiltration chambers.

Amendment 1

Summit Drive Drainage Improvements Project, 01/04/2011, County of San Diego. Amendment to the original certification to allow groundwater dewatering during project construction.