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Welcome to the Water Quality Certification, Dredge & Fill, and Wetlands Program

Dredge and fill discharges to waters of the U.S. and State are generally regulated through Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certifications (Certifications) and/or through the California Water Code via waste discharge requirements issued by the San Diego Water Board and the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board).

The San Diego Water Board Dredge, Fill, and Wetlands Program protects all waters within its region, but has special responsibility for wetlands, riparian areas, and headwaters because these water bodies have high resource value, are vulnerable to filling, and are not systematically protected by other programs.

For more information regarding the jurisdictional area of each Regional Board, please see this map. The State Water Board is responsible for issuing permits for projects located in more than one Water Board region. For more information regarding multi-regional projects, please visit the State Water Board website.

Public Notices & Recent Certifications

Public Notices

Last Updated 2/14/2019 - Water Quality Certification Notices (PDF)

State regulations require that applications for 401 Water Quality Certification are publicly noticed for a minimum of twenty one (21) days prior to the San Diego Water Board taking an action. Written comments can be sent by email, mail, or fax to the San Diego Water Board. Please include the 401 Water Quality Certification application File Number in the subject line of your correspondence and send to:

California Regional Water Quality Control Board
San Diego Region
2375 Northside Drive, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92108
Main Fax Number: (619) 516-1994

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Certified Actions

Certifications issued since January 2008 can be accessed by clicking the link below. To review a certification issued prior to January 2008, please request a file review.

Forms & Helpful Information

401 Program Staff Contacts

Name Program Assignment Contact Information
Eric Becker
Senior Water Resource Control Engineer
Program Manager (619) 521-3364
Michael Porter
Engineering Geologist
Caltrans, SANDAG, San Diego County Transportation Projects (619) 521-3967
Darren Bradford
Environmental Scientist
Orange, Riverside Counties and Camp Pendleton (619) 521-3356
Alan Monji
Environmental Scientist
San Diego County – North* (619) 521-3968
Lisa Honma
Environmental Scientist
San Diego County – South* (619) 521-3367

*San Diego County - North is defined as the area north of the San Diego River Watershed to Camp Pendleton, while San Diego County – South is defined as the area including the San Diego River Watershed south to the border.