Practical Vision: Healthy Waters, Healthy People

The Practical Vision is a planning tool to focus our limited resources onto our region’s highest priorities for the next 7 years. This follows our agency’s mission to protect, enhance and restore the quality of California waters so that our communities can use and enjoy the waters. It sets a plan to achieve healthy waters through collaboration, reliance on the latest science, prioritization of issues and actions, and prudent use of our authorities in service to the people of California.


The San Diego Water Board values are:

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On November 13, 2013, the San Diego Water Board adopted Resolution No. R9-2013-0153 supporting the
Practical Vision.

Practical Vision Resolution R9-2013-0153
Practical Vision Executive Officer Summary Report
Practical Vision

The Practical Vision contains seven chapters that will guide our future efforts. There are five chapters focused on water quality aspects that will be pursued through our actions and collaborative efforts with the communities we serve. There are two Practical Vision chapters focused on changes to our office culture that are necessary to support our work to improve water quality.

Practical Vision Chapters:PiChart