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Periodic review of the Water Quality Control Plan for the San Diego Basin (Basin Plan) is required by state and federal law. California Water Code section 13240 states that Basin Plans "…shall be periodically reviewed and may be revised." Federal Clean Water Act section 303(c)(1) states that the Water Boards "…shall from time to time (but at least once each three year period…) hold public hearings for the purpose of reviewing applicable water quality standards and, as appropriate, modifying and adopting standards." Because federal law requires that water quality standards be reviewed every three years, the periodic review of the Basin Plan is commonly referred to as the "triennial review."

The Basin Plan review is the process by which the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board (San Diego Water Board) identifies and prioritizes suggested Basin Plan revisions in need of further evaluation. The process includes a public solicitation and identification of potential revisions that may require incorporation into the Basin Plan. With input from stakeholders and staff, the San Diego Water Board develops a "short list" of suggested revisions to be investigated further. Following an opportunity for public review and a formal public hearing, the San Diego Water Board adopts a resolution containing the short list. Once adopted, the list serves to guide work on the Basin Plan during the next three years.

Concluded Basin Plan Reviews

The following triennial reviews were concluded by the adoption of a prioritized list of suggested Basin Plan revisions.

2018 Basin Plan Triennial Review

Final Documents

Additional Comment Letters

Available Documents

Comment Letters Addressed in Response to Comments

Preliminary Documents

Public Notices

2014 Basin Plan Triennial Review

Tier 1 Issues

Issue 1 - Biological Objectives for Water Bodies in the San Diego Region

Issue 2 - Chollas Creek Metals Site Specific Water Effect Ratio (WER)

Issue 3 - Evaluation of Contact Water Recreation (REC-1) Water Quality Objectives and Methods for Quantifying Exceedances

Issue 4 - Editorial Revisions, Minor Clarifications or Corrections

Tier 2 Issue

Evaluation of Basin Plan Beneficial Uses and Water Quality Objectives as They Relate to Reservoir Maintenance and Operations

Resolution No. R9-2015-043

Staff Report and Prioritized List of Basin Planning Issues

Response to Comments Document

Comment Letters

Preliminary Issues Report

Triennial Review Workshop Presentation - January 8, 2015

Public Notices:

2011 Basin Plan Review

Public Notices:

2004 Basin Plan Review

1998 Basin Plan Triennial Review

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