San Diego Region - Public Notices for Section 401 Water Quality Certifications

Public Notices

The San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board is currently reviewing applications for water quality certification under Section 401 of the Clean Water Act for the following projects.  State regulations require that these applications are publicly noticed for a minimum of twenty-one (21) days prior to the San Diego Water Board taking an action.

We encourage public comments on the proposed work which will be considered in the decision on certification. You may submit comments by email, mail, or fax to the San Diego Water Board. Please include the Project Name and Place ID Number in the subject line of your correspondence and deliver to:

California Regional Water Quality Control Board
San Diego Region
2375 Northside Drive, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92108
Fax: (619) 516-1994

For Project-specific information, please contact the assigned San Diego Water Board staff. To schedule a file review, email

Comment Period

Place ID Number

Project Name and Description


9/2 - 9/23


Moosa Creek Riparian Restoration Project
Applicant: Burns and McDonnell Engineering Company

The project proposes to restore riparian and upland habitat on approximately 67-acre site of the former Moosa Creek Golf Course.  The project will remove existing infrastructure (pavement, structures, and utilities) and recontour portions of the property and replant with native riparian and upland plant species.

Alan Monji

9/2 - 9/23


eTS 43817 Santee Access Road Repairs Project
Applicant: San Diego Gas and Electric

The project proposes to construct a permanent concrete low-flow road crossing within the existing 12-foot-wide access road easement through Sycamore Canyon Creek in order to repair the existing utility access road and ensure safe and reliable access to electric transmission structure Z871862.

Lisa Honma

9/8 - 9/29


Aliso Creek Trail Slope Repairs Project
Applicant: Orange County Parks

The project proposes to repair localized erosion within the project area.  The creek has suffered from excessive stormwater flows as a result of upstream development over the past few decades, which has caused significant and ongoing bed degradation and bank scour.  Stream armoring will occur at four locations within the stream in the Project area.

Darren Bradford

9/21 - 10/12


Federal Boulevard Chollas Creek Restoration and Trail Project
Applicant: Groundwork San Diego Chollas Creek

The project proposes to restore an 1885-foot-long reach of Chollas Creek through removal of a concrete channel, re-grading the creek bed, and revegetating with native wetland and riparian plants.  A 3100-foot-long hiking trail will also be constructed on the north bank of the creek to provide community access to the restored creek.

Mike Porter



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