San Diego Region - What Information is Needed?

NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System)

An applicant/discharger must provide the following information on the NPDES application forms:

  • U.S. EPA identification number;
  • Pollutant characteristics;
  • Facility name, location, address, and contact name and phone number;
  • NAISC codes (type of industry);
  • Existing environmental permits;
  • Topographic map showing facility features;
  • Production, operation and discharge information specific to the type of facility.


An applicant discharger must provide the following information on the Report of Waste Discharge:

  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the owner(s) of the facility, the owner's authorized agent, and any lessee(s) of the facility;
  • Description of the facility or activity, including whether the applicant proposes to increase or change an existing discharge or create a new one;
  • Location of the operation by section, township, and range with a USGS 7.5 minute series topographic map attached;
  • Description of the discharge by type, quality, quantity, interval, and method of discharge;
  • Source of water that contributes to or transports the waste;
  • Water flow and location map, identifying all discharge points; and
  • Statement noting whether an environmental document has been or must be prepared and submitted in a timely manner.