San Diego Region - Regional Board Actions from 1999 through August 2001 Pertaining to Shipyard Sediment Site

Regional Board Sediment Workshop

Elevated levels of pollutants exist in the bay bottom sediments adjacent to NASSCO and Southwest Marine shipyards. The concentrations of these pollutants cause or threaten to cause a condition of pollution that harms aquatic life beneficial uses designated for San Diego Bay. The concentrations of these pollutants may also present aquatic-dependent wildlife and human health risks from exposure to pollutants through the food chain attributable to the contaminated sediment.

Agenda Package for February 2001 Board Meeting

At the February 21, 2001 Regional Board meeting, the Regional Board adopted Resolution Nos. 2001-02 and 2001-03. These resolutions direct the Executive Officer to issue Water Code Section 13267 letters to NASSCO and Southwest Marine requiring each shipyard to submit the results of a site-specific study to develop sediment cleanup levels and identify sediment cleanup alternatives by June 21, 2001. All files listed below were included in the agenda package for the February Board Meeting as self extracting zipped files. The files listed below are in Adobe Reader format.