San Diego Region - Construction Stormwater FAQs

Construction Permit Frequently Asked Questions - San Diego Region

This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to the General Permit that have been encountered by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board (SDRWQCB). This FAQ serves as supplemental information to the SWRCB's General Construction FAQ, Small (1-5 acres) Construction FAQ, and Small LUP Construction FAQ. The SDRWQCB strongly advises that you review all of these pages for additional information.

1. Do you provide compliance assistance inspection?

Yes. Protecting our waters by promoting compliance is our highest priority. After you have filed your Notice of Intent (NOI) and received your Waste Discharge Identification Number (WDID), and have fully implemented your Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) on your site, you are welcome to contact us for a compliance assistance inspection. Our inspection teams are divided into two areas. To arrange an inspection north of (and including) the City of Carlsbad please contact Water Resources Control Engineer Eric Becker at 858 492-1785. To arrange an inspection south of (excluding) the City of Carlsbad please contact Water Resources Control Engineer Benjamin Tobler at 858 467-2736. Inspections of this nature generally result in a second, follow-up inspection to ensure that all deficiencies are corrected. Compliance assistance inspections are subject to staff availability.

2. Can I use a SWPPP template to develop my SWPPP?

Yes. Carefully modifying a SWPPP template can significantly reduce the cost of developing these site-specific documents. The use of a template does not negate the need for developing specific site information; please be aware that you are responsible for providing accurate, site-specific information within the SWPPP. You may wish to use professional assistance (e.g., registered engineer) in preparing the SWPPP. All sites that disturb one acre or more must possess and implement a site specific SWPPP throughout the construction period.

3. When is the rainy season in the San Diego Region and do I need to comply with the permit all year?

The rainy season occurs from October 1st through April 30th. Compliance with the permit is required year round; however, the permit has different requirements for the rainy and non-rainy season.

4. When must I file the Notice of Termination (NOT) to avoid paying another $700 annual fee?

A completed NOT documenting the completion of construction activities (including photos of your site in full post-construction compliance) must be electronically submitted in SMARTS prior to your annual renewal date. The renewal fee will be waived if the NOT is complete and approved, and is submitted before the renewal date.

5. How can I check to see if my fee payment is current?

Questions concerning billing and payment should be directed to the SWRCB office at 916-341-5536.

6. Why must I comply with both State and Municipal (i.e. County or City) requirements?

Federal regulations mandate that both the State and Municipal jurisdictions enforce pollution prevention compliance at construction sites. Municipalities are also regulated by the State and carry equal liability for discharges of waste from private sites within their jurisdictions. In other words, if the local Municipality isn't conducting inspections and enforcing it's local storm water ordinances, then that Municipality is equally responsible for any discharge of waste coming from your site and is liable for the same monetary penalties. Recent regulatory cooperation between the State and Municipalities has resulted in compliance requirements that are more consistent region wide.

7. Where do I send my Notice of Intent?

U.S. Postal Service Address Overnight Mailing Address

State Water Resources Control Board State Water Resources Control Board
Division of Water Quality Division Of Water Quality
Attn: Storm Water Section Attn: Storm Water, 15th Floor
P.O. Box 1977 1001 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95812-1977 Sacramento, CA 95814

NOIs are processed in the order they are received. A NOI receipt letter will be mailed to the landowner within approximately two weeks. Incomplete NOI submittals will be returned to the landowner's address within the same timeframe and will specify the reason(s) for return. If you need a receipt letter by a specific date (for example, to provide to a local agency), we advise that you submit your NOI thirty (30) days prior to the date the receipt letter is needed.

Please do not call the State or Regional Boards to verify your NOI status. A copy of your NOI receipt letter will be available on the State Board webpage within twenty-four (24) hours of processing.

8. What is the Small Linear Underground/Overhead Project Permit (LUP), and do I need to apply if I already have coverage under the General Construction Permit?

The LUP simplifies NOI and SWPPP requirements for both private and Municipal entities that do linear (e.g. utility) construction work. This permit will allow one NOI and SWPPP for multiple, separate linear projects. The permit is located on the SWRCB Website as adopted on June 18, 2003. Linear projects that were active when the LUP was adopted and who were already covered under the General Construction Permit need not seek additional coverage under the LUP.