San Diego Region - Tijuana River TMDL for Indicator Bacteria and Trash


The lower six miles of the Tijuana River and the Tijuana River Estuary (the Tijuana River Valley) are degraded due to excessive bacteria and trash. As a result, numerous beneficial uses are impaired, primarily those associated with aquatic life (e.g., warm freshwater, estuarine, and marine habitat, rare and endangered species, etc.), and human health (e.g., contact and noncontact water recreation, fishing, shellfishing, etc.). In order to meet water quality objectives and restore beneficial uses, the San Diego Water Board is initiating development of TMDLs to address these impaired waters.

May 15, 2019 CEQA Scoping Meeting

The San Diego Water Board held a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) scoping meeting to seek input on the scope, content, and potential environmental effects that should be considered in the development of an amendment to the Water Quality Control Plan for the San Diego Basin (Basin Plan) to establish an implementation plan for TMDLs for indicator bacteria and trash in the Tijuana River. During this meeting, staff provided an overview of the process for development of the Basin Plan amendment for TMDLs and the proposed schedule for the project.

Project Timeline

The San Diego Water Board anticipates an external scientific peer review of the draft TMDLs during summer 2020, public review of the draft TMDLs (possibly revised after peer review) during winter 2020/2021, and staff presentation to San Diego Water Board members for adoption during spring 2021.

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