San Diego Region - Watershed Management Chapter

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Cover Sheet

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Mission and Strategic Goals

Watershed Management Initiative
SDRWQCB Perspective
USEPA Integrated Federal Grants Process

Guiding Principles
Geographic Focus
Comprehensive Perspective
Partnerships with Stakeholders
Coordinated Priority Setting
Best Use of Resources
Improved Decision Making
Improved Efficiency

Geographic Settings
Watershed Management Areas

Watershed Management Scale

Stakeholder Involvement
Tier 1 - Community Based Stakeholder-directed Watershed Management
Tier 2 - Regulatory Agency Encouraged Watershed Management
Tier 3 - Regulatory Watershed Management

Priority Watershed Management Areas

Preliminary Water Quality/Beneficial Use Goals

Integration and Coordination of Programs and Activities

Basin Planning Program

Water Quality Assessment Program
Monitoring Coordination and Information Management
Monitoring Parameters
Coastal Ocean Water
Coastal Estuaries, Lagoons, and Bays
Inland Streams and Water Supply Reservoirs
Reclaimed Water Discharges
Ground Water

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program

Nonpoint Source Program
Nonpoint Source Problems
Urban Development Impacts
Agricultural Development Impacts
Hydromodification Impacts
Marinas and Recreational Boating Impacts
Nonpoint Source Strategy
Long-term Nonpoint Source Management Goals
Nonpoint Source Program Implementation
Statewide Activities

Water Quality Certification (Wetlands) Program
Wetlands Inventory
Wetlands Grants
Long-term Wetlands Goals
Water Quality Certification (CWA Section 401)

NPDES Program

Non Chapter 15 Program

Priorities and Allocation of Resources


  • Table 1 - San Diego Region Hydrologic Divisions
  • Table 2 - Features of San Diego Region Watershed Management Areas
  • Table 2A - San Diego Region Hydrologic Units, Watershed Management Areas, and Unified Watershed Assessment (UWA) Watersheds
  • Table 3 SDRWQCB Programs
  • Table 4 Opportunities for SDRWQCB Program Integration and Coordination
  • Table 5 San Diego Region 205(j) Grants
  • Table 6 San Diego Region 319(h) Grants Table 6A
  • Table 6A San Diego Region Watershed Protection Program Proposition 13) Grants
  • Table 6B San Diego Region Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program (Proposition 13) Grants
  • Table 6C San Diego Region Coastal Nonpoint Source Control Program (Proposition 13) Grants
  • Table 6D San Diego Region Clean Beaches Initiative (CBI) Grants
  • Table 6E San Diego Region Cleanup and Abatement Account (CAA) Grants.
  • Table 6F San Diego Region Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs).
  • Table 7 SDRWQCB Targeted Projects for Planning, Watershed Protection, and Nonpoint Source Control Grants (205(j), 319(h), and Proposition 13) (preliminary list)
  • Table 7A San Diego Region Action Plans and Strategies for Protection, Restoration, Recovery, Enhancement, and Management of Watersheds, Wetlands, Lagoons, and Other Waters (preliminary list)
  • Table 8 Water Quality/Beneficial Use Problems and Threats
  • Table 9 Water Quality/Beneficial Use Stressors
  • Table 10 Activities and Sources Affecting Beneficial Uses
  • Table 11 Locations of Water Quality/Beneficial Use Problems and Threats
  • Table 12 SDRWQCB Priorities (by Program)
  • Table NPS-1 San Diego Region Nonpoint Source Problems and Threats by Management Measure Category (to be updated; see also Tables 8, 9, 10 & 11)
  • Table NPS-2 SDRWQCB Nonpoint Source Program Short Term Objectives (to be updated)
  • Table NPS-3 San Diego Region Education, Outreach, and Technical Assistance (to be completed; see also Tables NPS-8)
  • Table NPS-4A SDRWQCB Targeted Projects for Watershed Protection and Nonpoint Source Control Grants (319(h) and Proposition 13) (to be updated; also see Tables 7 & 7A)
  • Table NPS-4B SDRWQCB Targeted Projects for Funding from State Revolving Fund
  • Table NPS-4C SDRWQCB Targeted Projects for Funding from US Department of Agriculture Natural Resource Conservation Service Environmental Quality Incentives Program (USDA NRCS EQIP)
  • Table NPS-5 SDRWQCB Waivers of Waste Discharge Requirements
  • Table NPS-6 San Diego Region Key Nonpoint Source- Related Partners
  • Table NPS-7 SDRWQCB Proposed FY 2000/01 Nonpoint Source Programs Resource Allocation (to be updated for 2001/02)
  • Table NPS-8 San Diego Region Routine Nonpoint Source-Related Meetings (preliminary list)
  • Table NPS-9 San Diego Region Nonpoint Source-Related Groups and Organizations (preliminary list)


  • Figure 1 San Diego Region Hydrologic Units, Areas, and Subareas (to be inserted)


  • Appendix A Overview of San Diego Region Watershed Management Areas (also see Table T-2)
  • Appendix B Activity Schedules
  • Appendix C Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Development Schedules
    • Table 1 Summary Schedule for Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Development
    • Section 1 Summary Schedule for TMDL Development
    • Section 2 Detailed Schedule of TMDL Activities
    • Section 3 Detailed TMDL Tasks Schedule