Tentative Orders

A Tentative Site Cleanup Requirements Order is being considered for Champion Laboratories, Maxion Wheels, Cranbrook Group, and Equity Office Properties, Benicia Industrial Park at 4186 Park Road in Benicia, Solano County. The Order would require preparation and implementation of site cleanup plans. The San Francisco Bay Water Board will consider this item at its October 9, 2019, meeting. The public comment period is closed. A Tentative Order issuing Site Cleanup Requirements for the legacy biosolids ponds in the City of San Jose will be considered by the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board. The public comment period is closed. The Tentative Order would be issued to the City of San Jose (the Discharger), the San Jose/Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility (RWF) majority owner, operator, and manager. The Order would require site investigations for the cleanup and closure of the biosolids that were discharged into the 25 legacy biosolids ponds at the RWF. The Order would not prescribe requirements for any other portion of the RWF. The Order is needed because of the potential threat to beneficial uses of the waters of the state and public health posed by the discharge of biosolids to the legacy biosolids ponds. Any additional information regarding this matter will be posted here upon request or as it becomes available. Please direct any questions about this matter to Tahsa Sturgis at (510) 622-2316 or Tahsa.Sturgis@waterboards.ca.gov. A Tentative Site Cleanup Requirements (SCR) Order is being considered for the Dow Chemical Company and Corteva for its Pittsburg facility (Contra Costa County). The Order would update the existing SCRs for the ongoing remediation of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds in the site's groundwater. Written comments or objections to this action must be submitted no later than September 24, 2019 at 5 pm.