Pending Enforcement Liabilities & Penalties

This web page provides a summary of enforcement cases that are pending action by the San Francisco Bay Water Board to assess an administrative civil liability or a mandatory minimum penalty. To access documents associated with each case go to Enforcement Case Documents or click on the DISCHARGER/RESPONSIBLE PARTY

For more information on our enforcement procedures and process, go to our Enforcement program web page.

Tentative Cease and Desist Orders

  • There are currently no pending cases

Current Administrative Civil Liability Cases

Discharger or Responsible Party: Stuart and Eric Depper
Alleged Violation: Failure to submit technical reports.
Proposed Penalty: $88,000
Current Status: An Administrative Civil Liability Complaint has been issued; There will be a future opportunity to comment on a settlement or attend a public hearing regarding this case.

Current Mandatory Minimum Penalty Cases

  • There are currently no pending cases

Current Expedited Payment Program for Late Reports

San Francisco Bay Water Board staff issued conditional offers of early settlement for late annual reporting of stormwater discharges. The following discharger has accepted Water Board staff's offer and agreed to waive their right to a hearing and pay a $1,000 penalty. Copies of the conditional offers and the Public Notice are available at Enforcement Case Documents. The public comment period is closed.
Discharger or Responsible Party: 1500 Mission Urban Housing LP
Facility Name or Site Location: San Francisco County