Lehigh Southwest Cement Company, Cupertino - Documents


This page pertains to the Lehigh Southwest Cement Company (Lehigh) facility at 24001 Stevens Creek Blvd in Cupertino. This page does not provide a comprehensive list of all documents for the site, but it contains many recent and select documents pertaining to Water Board orders, permits, and enforcement actions including submitted workplans, technical reports, and water quality data, and correspondence.

Water Board Orders & Permits

6/13/18 R2-2018-0028 Waste Discharge Requirements
7/12/2017 Order R2-2017-0030 (Amendment of Order R2-2014-0010)
7/12/2017 Order R2-2017-0031 (Amendment of Order R2-2014-0011)
7/12/2017 Order R2-2017-0031 (Amendment of Order R2-2014-0011) with figures
4/26/2017 Revised Water Code 13267 Order for Report of Waste Discharge
3/20/2014 NPDES Discharge Permit R2-2014-0010
3/20/2014 Cease and Desist Order R2-2014-0011
6/27/2013 Water Code 13267 Order R2-2013-1005-A1
1/22/2013 Water Code 13267 Order R2-2013-1005
7/20/2012 Water Code 13260 for Report of Waste Discharge
6/14/2011 Water Code 13267 Order for Report of Waste Discharge
12/13/2010 Letter Response 11/29/2010 Water Code 13267 Order
11/29/2010 Water Code 13267 Order and Attachments
2/13/2008 Waste Discharge Requirements Order R2-2008-0011
7/26/1999 Cleanup and Abatement Order R2-1999-0018
3/16/1994 Waste Discharge Requirements Order R2-1994-0038

Water Board Enforcement

7/12/2017 Administrative Civil Liability R2-2017-1023
7/12/2017 Administrative Civil Liability R2-2017-1023 transmittal
1/25/2017 5-Day and 45-Day Report
1/12/2017 ACL Settlement Agreement R2-2017-1001
8/30/2016 Notice of Violation and NPDES Compliance Inspection
4/28/2015 Complaint with Appendices
4/28/2015 Consent Decree_Notice of Lodging
5/29/2014 Minimum Mandatory Penalty Waiver R2-2014-1014
3/13/2014 Notice of Violation related to Site History Requirements
12/3/2013 Notice of Violation
12/2/2013 Notice of Violation
10/22/2013 Minimum Mandatory Penalty Waiver R2-2013-1030
1/22/2013 Notice of Violation
3/14/2012 Administrative Civil Liability Order R2-2012-0039
4/8/2011 Deadline Extension for 2/18/2011 Notice of Violation
2/18/2011 Notice of Violation Letter
4/19/2010 Letter Responding to 3/26/2010 Notice of Violation
11/29/2010 Notice of Violation and Attachments

Lehigh Workplans & Technical Reports

4/18/2018 Permanente Creek Condition Assessment
3/1/2018 Permanente Creek Flow Study Report
2016-2017 Industrial Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
11/13/2017 Interim Treatment System Report 3rd Quarter
8/2017 Selenium Study Progress Report per 2016 13267 Order
7/19/2017 Interim Treatment System 2nd Quarter Report
4/30/2017 Interim Treatment System 1st Quarter Report
11/6/2015 Pond 1 Design Report
11/1/2017 Permanente Creek Restoration Plan - 70% Design
8/1/2017 Groundwater 1st Semi-Annual Report
1/30/2017 Interim Treatment System Report (4th Quarter)
10/28/2016 Interim Treatment System Report
8/20/2016 First Semi-Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report
7/11/2016 Pond 30 Workplan
4/29/2016 Interim Treatment System Effectiveness Report
3/2016 Second Semi-Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report
10/30/2015 Toxicity Reduction Evaluation Memo
6/2015 Selenium Impact Study Final report
4/30/2015 Selenium Study 2015 (1st Quarter)
4/15/2015 Selenium Impact Assessment Study Q1
3/13/2015 Lehigh Permanente ITS Performance Report
2/27/2015 Notice of Termination of General Industrial Stormwater Permit
6/2014 Pond Characterization Study Revised Table 4
4/30/2013 Selenium Study Status Report Q1 2014 Data (Excel)
4/15/2014 Site History Description, Addendum No. 1
12/2/2013 Site History Description
9/20/2013 Groundwater Investigation Provision Amendment Request
4/22/2013 Site History Report
10/1/2012 Letter responding to 7/20/2012 Requirement for ROWD
11/30/2011 Report of Waste Discharge

Water Quality Monitoring and Sediment Sampling

7/2/2018 2017-2018 Annual Stormwater Report
2/1/2018 Groundwater 2017 Semi-Annual Monitoring Report
1/31/2018 Annual NPDES Self-Monitoring Report 2017
1/31/2017 4th Qtr 2016 Chronic Toxicity Sampling Results
1/30/2017 Semi-Annual Progress Report
1/27/2017 Water Sampling Results
10/31/2016 Chronic Toxicity Monitoring Results (3rd Quarter)
4/29/2016 1st Qtr 2016 Chronic Toxicity Sampling Results
9/4/2015 Pond Sampling
7/30/2015 Chronic Toxicity Sampling results Q2
6/30/2015 Selenium Study 2013-2015 Data - Final Report (Excel)
5/12/2015 Chronic Toxicity Sampling Results (2nd Quarter)
4/30/2015 Chronic Toxicity Sampling Results Q1
3/2/2015 Pond 30 February Stormwater Results

Miscellaneous Documents

7/30/2018 Inspection Report
11/2/2017 Consent Decree-Treatment System Complete Report
4/4/2017 Compliance Evaluation Inspection transmittal
3/14/2017 Regional Water Board Staff Summary Report
2/14/17 Compliance Evaluation Inspection
12/30/2016 NPDES Permit Amendment Request
4/15/2015 Letter to Santa Clara County
9/3/2014 Pond 9 and Red Legged Frog Letter to RB
8/30/2013 Letter to Cupertino City Council
6/7/2013 Supplement to Consent Decree with Sierra Club
4/24/2013 Consent Decree with Sierra Club
2/21/2012 Letter to Santa Clara County Planning Office
6/10/2011 Letter to City of Los Altos Hills Mayor