Napa River Sediment TMDL and Habitat Enhancement Plan


The Napa River and its tributaries are listed as impaired because of too much sediment. The listing was made in response to concerns regarding adverse impacts to habitat for steelhead trout, chinook salmon, and other threatened species whose populations have declined substantially in recent decades. The Napa River Sediment TMDL and Habitat Enhancement Plan examines this water quality problem, identifies pollutant sources, and specifies actions that will restore a healthy fishery in this watershed. View of the Napa River

Adopted TMDL and Supporting Documents

* These exhibits are effectively summarized in other exhibits contained in Written Comments.

TMDL Implementation

General Waste Discharge Requirements for Vineyard Discharges in the Napa River and Sonoma Creek Watersheds
Water Board staff is developing General Waste Discharge Requirements (General WDRs) for vineyard discharges in the Napa River and Sonoma Creek watersheds. The purpose of the General WDRs is to reduce sediment, runoff, and other pollutant contributions from vineyard properties.

More information on the General WDRs can be found on our Napa River and Sonoma Creek Vineyard Program page.

Napa River Basin Limiting Factors Analysis Final Report

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