Stevens Creek Toxicity TMDL

Stevens Creek is located in Santa Clara County, and is one of the most natural creeks in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The 20-mile long creek flows through Monte Bello Open Space area, cities of Los Altos, Sunnyvale, and Mountain View, and flows into the Lower South Bay via Whisman Slough.  Stevens Creek Reservoir is the major impoundment on the creek. 

The Basin Plan includes aquatic toxicity water quality objectives. Stevens Creek was identified in 2010 as impaired by toxicity in the water column because water samples from Stevens Creek were toxic to the test species (fish, water flea, and algae), resulting in reduced organism survival, growth, or reproduction.  Water Board staff has recently conducted sampling of the creek to examine the current status of impairment.

map showing the location of the Stevens Creek watershed

(Map courtesy of SCVURPPP, FY05-06 Monitoring Report)

Photo of Steven Creek within the Stevens Creek County Park, below the reservoir. This is an upper watershed photo showing the creek in good condition.
Stevens Creek within Stevens Creek County Park
below Stevens Creek Reservoir

Photo of Stevens Creek near Highway 1, located at the bottom of the watershed Stevens Creek Near HWY 101
Located at the Bottom of the Watershed



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