Public Involvement for San Francisco Bay Nutrients Project

This web page is an information clearinghouse to support public involvement in the San Francisco Bay NNE project. It provides an easy way to find meeting agendas, presentations, and reports produced through the project.

We have established a San Francisco Bay Stakeholder Advisory Group (SF Bay SAG) to guide the development of the NNE for the Estuary and the implementation of the Nutrient Management Strategy. The purpose of the SF Bay SAG is to advise the Water Board on the science and policy supporting NNE development and specifically to review background policy and technical information, provide stakeholder perspective and input on the NNE process, Nutrient Strategy implementation, workplan and technical documents review. The SAG also advises the Water Board on the selection of experts to be part of the Technical Advisory Team and the Scientific Advisory Panel.

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South San Francisco Bay

Public Involvement in the Project – Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG)


Agendas and Presentations for next SAG Meeting

The San Francisco Bay Water Board held a SAG meeting on February 9, 2016 [10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the State Building in Oakland] to brief interested parties on the development of a framework to assess the effects of nutrients on San Francisco Bay (SFB) beneficial uses. The report entitled Scientific Basis to Assess the Effects of Nutrients on San Francisco Bay Beneficial Uses below proposes an Assessment Framework (AF) for the Bay which could serve as a decision framework for quantifying the extent to which SFB is supporting beneficial uses with respect to nutrients. The Assessment Framework comprises three important elements: 1) a set of conceptual models that defines what a nutrient-related problem would look like in SFB, if it occurred, 2) a set of core principles supporting the AF, and 3) classification tables for the candidate assessment indicators.  Comments on the report may be submitted at any time to Richard Looker or Naomi Feger at the Water Board as we anticipate continuing to evaluate the recommendations in the report and the classification tables included in the report.  In particular, the authors of the report are also looking for comments on the appendix C to the report (Manuscript on analyses of Chl-a and relationship to dissolved oxygen and harmful algal species.  Please submit those by February 25, 2016 so they can finalize the manuscript and submit it for publication.

The Assessment Framework and classification tables are a work-in-progress, will likely be refined, and will continue to be evaluated by the Water Board. It is not a regulatory document and thresholds put forward in the report are considered provisional.

Comment Letters on the Assessment Framework:

Meeting agenda and presentations from the meeting:

Materials for review and other additional information related to the meeting:

Agendas and Presentations from Past SAG Meetings

Stakeholder meeting – December 6, 2013

Stakeholder meeting – June 6, 2013

Stakeholder Comments on draft reports: External Loads to SF Bay, Nutrient Conceptual Model, Nutrient Management Strategy, and NNE Assessment Framework

Stakeholder meeting – March 8, 2013

March 8, 2013 SAG Meeting Agenda
Introduction to March 8 SAG Meeting

Suisun Bay Studies - Presentations

SWAMP-Suisun Bay Studies
Romberg Tiburon Suisun Bay Studies - Phytoplankton Bloom Progression 2011-12
Suisun Toxicity Study Initial Results
Central Contra Costa Sanitary District Ammonium Study
Suisun Synthesis I - Presentation by Dave Senn

Suisun Bay Ammonium Synthesis Report - Draft November 2012
Suisun Bay Ammonium Synthesis Report Appendices - Draft November 2012

2013 IEP Study Presentations

Suisun Bay Study – Dugdale/SWFCA
IEP Culture Experiments – AMS/UCSC/Water Board
IEP Delta Study – Senn, Kendall and Guerin

IEP Study Proposals

Senn, Kendall, Guerin Delta study summary
Pellerin Liberty Island study
Dugdale study on blooms in low salinity zones
Kudela study on "bad Suisun phenomena": light and nutrient interactions
Kraus Sacramento River study
Glibert and Cornwall biogeochemistry and biology of benthos

Stakeholder meeting – November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012 SAG Meeting Agenda
Assessment Framework Presentation
Project update presentation
Draft Nutrient Assessment Framework workplan
Revised Nutrient Management Strategy November 2012

Stakeholder meeting – June 22, 2012

June 22 2012 SAG Meeting Agenda
Draft Regional Monitoring Program Proposal for SF Bay Nutrient Studies

Draft Regional Monitoring Program Proposal for Modeling

Combined presentations

Stakeholder meeting – March 29, 2012

March 2012 SAG Meeting Agenda
Draft Nutrient Strategy for SF Bay

Introductory presentation

Nutrient Science and Management Strategy presentation

Phytoplankton NNE Assessment Framework presentation

Stakeholder meeting – May 20, 2011

May SAG Meeting Agenda
May SAG Meeting Summary

May 20, 2011 SAG Meeting Presentation
NNE Development for SF Estuary: Literature Review and Data Gaps Analysis - draft for review (PDF version, 5.7 Mb)
NNE Development for SF Estuary: Literature Review and Data Gaps Analysis - draft for review (Word version, 22 Mb)
Selection of NNE Science Advisory Board Members - revised, May 20 version
Review of Indicators for Development of Nutrient Numeric Endpoints in California Estuaries

Stakeholder meeting – February 4, 2011

February SAG Meeting Agenda
February 4, 2011 SAG Meeting Presentation

Stakeholder meeting - October 4, 2010:

October SAG Meeting Agenda
October 4, 2010 SAG Meeting Presentation

SF Bay SAG Invitation Letter September 2010

For information about the RMP June 29, 2011 Nutrient Workshop, visit the SFEI website


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