Feasibility/Infeasibility Criteria Report

Feasibility/Infeasibility Criteria Report
This set of Feasibility Criteria for when harvesting and use, infiltration or evapotranspiration of stormwater are feasible or infeasible is proposed pursuant to C.3.c.i.(2)(b)(iv). This criteria is to be used by the Permittees to determine when LID vegetated stormwater treatment features may use underdrains to convey treated stormwater to the MS4, as infiltration, harvest for use or evapotranspiration is not sufficient to convey the water quality design volume of flow of stormwater.

In this proposal the Permittees are required to include the following conditions at a minimum:
  • Locations where seasonal high groundwater would be within 10 feet of the base of the LID treatment measure
  • Locations within 100 feet of a groundwater well used for drinking water
  • Development sites where pollutant mobilization in the soil or groundwater is a documented concern
  • Locations with potential geotechnical hazards
  • Smart growth and infill or redevelopment sites where the density and/or nature of the project would create significant difficulty for compliance with the onsite volume retention requirement
  • Locations with tight clay soils that significantly limit the infiltration of stormwater

Comments on the Feasibility/Infeasibility Criteria Report received by June 10, 2011