Public Notice - Tentative Board Orders

Tentative Board Orders

10 Days Prior to the Board Meeting Date, the Agenda and all items are posted on the Agenda/Minutes/EO Reports page. Please check that page prior to the Board Meeting for the latest revision of the tentative orders.

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Tentative Orders

  • R8-2022-0039 Waste Discharge Requirements for Fontana Union Water Company Lytle Creek Diversion and Intake Facility Unincorporated San Bernardino County

  • R8-2022-0029 Waste Discharge Requirements for Diversified Pacific Communities Tentative Tract Map No. 37731 Riverside, Riverside County

  • R8-2022-0041 Waste Discharge Requirements and Master Recycling Permit for Inland Empire Utilities Agency
    Regional Water Recycling Facilities

  • R8-2022-0017 Approving Amendment to the Water Quality Control Plan for the Santa Ana River Basin to Revise the Schedule for Attaining the Fecal Coliform Total Maximum Daily Loads for the Shellfish Harvesting Beneficial Use in Newport Bay
  • R8-2022-0031 Draft Cleanup and Abatement and Water Code Section 13267 Investigative Order for Daniel K. Musetti

  • R8-2022-0005 Waste Discharge Requirements for San Bernardino County Department of Public Works, Environmental Management Division, Flood Control District, West Fontana Channel Flood Control Improvement Project (Banana to Hickory), Unincorporated Fontana, San Bernardino County

  • R8-2022-0009 - Waste Discharge Requirements for Diversified Pacific Communities, Tentative Tract Map No. 37732, City of Riverside, Riverside County

Enforcement Actions