How to Participate

How to Participate


Consistent with statutory requirements, the Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Water Board) strongly supports the rights of all interested persons to be able to comment and/or testify on matters coming before it. To assist persons in making presentations, the following are recommendations to follow when appearing and speaking before the Regional Water Board. In making your appearance, please remember that the Regional Water Board usually has numerous matters to consider at each of its workshops and meetings, and that the Regional Water Board members receive and read all the information that you have submitted by the appropriate deadline. It is also important to remember to identify yourself when addressing the Regional Water Board for the record.

  • If written materials were required to be submitted prior to a proceeding, do not attempt to hand out material at the proceeding.

  • Summarize written materials and be prepared to limit your oral presentation further upon request by Regional Water Board members.

  • Review notices and agendas carefully to ensure that you comply with deadlines for submitting written materials and time limits for oral presentations.

  • Written comments shall be submitted to the Regional Water Quality Control Board at 3737 Main Street, Suite 500, Riverside, CA 92501, or by fax to 951-781-6288.

  • If you plan to use visual aids such as PowerPoint, contact the Regional Water Board staff prior to the meeting or workshop to ensure that equipment will be available and ready for use.

  • Do not read from your PowerPoint display or written materials. Board members do review all written materials that were timely submitted prior to the workshop or meeting.

  • Be prepared that Regional Water Board members or staff may interrupt your presentation with questions or comments.

  • Materials presented to the Regional Water Board may become part of the administrative record and will not be returned.

  • If an item is discussed at workshop, any discussion at the following meeting will be limited to revisions to the item.

  • Individuals who require special accommodations are requested to contact the Regional Water Board at 951-782-4130 at least five days prior to the meeting date.