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Huntington Beach Desalination Facility Permit, Orange County

Renewal of the Huntington Beach Desalination Facility Permit, Orange County


On February 10, 2012, the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board (Santa Ana Regional Water Board) adopted Order No. R8-2012-0007, NPDES No. CA8000403 (2012 Order) Waste Discharge Requirements for Poseidon Resources (Surfside) L.L.C., Huntington Beach Desalination Facility (Facility). The 2012 Order is the second term of this permit, having been originally adopted in 2006. For the Facility proposed by Poseidon at the time, the 2012 Order conditionally permitted Poseidon Resources L.L.C. (Poseidon) to discharge 60.3 million gallons per day (MGD) of wastewater (54 MGD of concentrated seawater and 6.3 MGD of filter backwash). The Facility was permitted to operate in a co-located mode with the AES Huntington Beach Generation Station Order No. R8-2014-0076, NPDES No. CA0001163 (HBGS) by using HBGS cooling water discharge as its feed water. The Facility was also permitted for temporary stand-alone operations that allow intake of seawater using HBGS intake pumps when HBGS operations do not provide 126.7 MGD. The 2012 Order is set to expire on February 1, 2017. To date, the Facility has not been built.  Due to Poseidon’s proposed material modifications to the Facility and the State Water Resources Control Board’s adoption of new requirements for desalination facilities described below, the 2012 Order is no longer valid for the Facility as currently proposed.

On May 6, 2015, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted the Amendment to the Water Quality Control Plan for the Ocean Waters of California (Ocean Plan) Addressing Desalination Facility Intakes, Brine Discharges, and the Incorporation of Other Non-substansive Changes (Desalination Amendment). The Office of Administrative Law approved the Desalination Amendment on January 28, 2016. The United States Environmental Protection Agency approved the portions of the Desalination Amendment that implement the federal Clean Water Act on April 7, 2016. The Desalination Amendment is now fully in effect. The Desalination Amendment requires Poseidon to submit a request for a Water Code section 13142.5(b) determination to the Santa Ana Regional Water Board as early as practicable (Ocean Plan, Chapter III.M.2.a.(1).). Subsequently, the Santa Ana Regional Water Board sent a letter to Poseidon on February 9, 2016 requesting that a request for such determination be submitted. Poseidon submitted a 13142.5(b) determination request and supporting information via electronic mail on March 15, 2016.

On June 30, 2016, Poseidon submitted the Report of Waste Discharge for renewal of the Huntington Beach Desalination Facility Permit.

This page contains correspondence and documents pertaining to the proposed project.

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2017 Renewal of the Huntington Beach Desalination Facility Permit

California Water Code Section 13142.5(b) Determination


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