Santa Ana Region - Dairies

Engineered Waste Management Plans and Nutrient Management Plans Submitted as Required by Order No. R8-2018-0001 General Waste Discharge Requirements for Dairies and Related Facilities (CAFOs)

As of January 2022, there are 79 CAFOs in the Santa Ana Region. These CAFOs include dairies, heifers, and calf nurseries. All the CAFOs have approved and certified Engineered Waste Management Plans (EWMPs). Those CAFOs that apply wastewater and manure to croplands under their ownership or operational control have developed site-specific nutrient management plans (NMP). These approved EWMPs, and NMPs are stored in the Regional Board office. Anyone who wishes to review these plans please contact Ryan Yip by phone at (951) 394-9509, by email: or Michael Kashak at (951) 782-4469, by email .