Santa Ana Region - SLIC/DoD

Santa Ana Region - Department of Defense (DoD) Unit

The Department of Defense (DoD) Unit provides regulatory oversight of the DoD's Environmental Restoration Program (DERP).  The DERP addresses cleanup of polluted defense facilities throughout the nation.  The DoD facilities and the staff contact for each facility within this Region are listed below:

Facility County Service Staff Contact
Camp Anza Riverside ACOE 1 Patricia Hannon
Camp Haan Riverside ACOE 1 Patricia Hannon
Costa Mesa ANG 3 Orange ANG3 Patricia Hannon
Defense Logistics Agency - Tustin Release Area Orange Defense Logistics Agency Patricia Hannon
El Toro MCAS 4 Orange Navy Patricia Hannon
Los Alamitos JFTC5 Orange Army Patricia Hannon
March AFB 6 Riverside Air Force Patricia Hannon
March ARB 7 Riverside Air Force Patricia Hannon
Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, Detachment Norco Riverside Navy Patricia Hannon
Norton AFB 6 San Bernardino Air Force Patricia Hannon
Ontario ANG 3 San Bernardino Air Force Patricia Hannon
Seal Beach NWS 2 Orange Navy Patricia Hannon
Tustin MCAS 4 Orange Navy Patricia Hannon
ACOE 1 Army Corps of Engineers
NWS 2 Naval Weapons Station
ANG 3 Air National Guard
MCAS 4 Marine Corps Air Station
JFTC 5 Joint Forces Training Center
AFB 6 Air Force Base
ARB 7 Air Reserve Base

Additional information regarding these sites is available from the staff contact listed above or contact Cindi Li, Chief of the DoD Section, at (951) 782-3295.

  • GeoTracker: Information regarding specific DoD cases can be accessed via our on-line GeoTracker database

  • Please note, Regional Board staff involvement is limited to water quality related problems at most of these sites. For other pollution problems (for example, hazardous waste cleanups at these sites), the Department of Toxic Substances Control is the lead agency, and can be reached at 714-484-5456.

  • For defense facilities located within other regional board jurisdictions, information may be obtained from the State Water Resources Control Board DoD page or from the respective Regional Board Offices