Do I Need a Permit? - What forms do I need?

Do I Need a Permit? - What forms do I need?

Waste Discharge Requirements

Discharge of waste to land and groundwater from any source, and discharge of waste from agricultural operations to surface water. - Form 200


National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

For discharges to surface waters, you will need Form 200, plus Form 1 and one or more of the following federal NPDES permit application forms:

  • General information completed in conjunction with Forms 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F, Short Form A and Standard Form A. - Form 1

  • Concentrated animal feeding operations and aquatic animal production facilities. New applications or renewals. - Form 2B

  • Existing manufacturing, commercial, mining, and silvicultural operations (including federal facilities). - Form 2C

  • New manufacturing, mining, commercial and silvicultural operations. - Form 2D

  • New applications or renewals of nonmanufacturing facilities, trailer parks, service stations, laundromats, commercial facilities, etc. - Form 2E

  • Storm water discharges associated with industrial activity. - Form 2F

  • Publicly-Owned Treatment Works serving 10,000 persons or less. - Short Form A

  • Publicly-Owned Treatment Works serving over 10,000 persons or treating significant industrial waste. - Standard Form A

  • Publicly-Owned Treatment Works. - Form 2A