Underground Storage Tank (UST) Unit

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Cleanup Case Proposed Closures

New! UST cases that are currently being considered for closure by Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board (Santa Ana Water Board) staff have been posted for a 60-day public comment period (shown in the table below1). Comments will be accepted consistent with deadlines stated in the notice for each case.

UST Case Closures proposed for consideration pursuant to State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) Resolution No. 2012-0061 are listed in the table below. These are cases that meet the criteria of the Low-Threat UST Case Closure Policy. Comments for a specific case may be submitted prior to the deadline listed in the table below. After the comment period closes, comments received will be reviewed and responses will be issued. If no comments are received for a proposed case closure during the comment period, the closure process will continue.

Some leaking petroleum UST Cleanup case closures may be processed at the State Water Board. A list of these proposed petroleum UST closures can be found by clicking on the following link for State Water Board UST Proposed Closures.

For a list of State Water Board UST case closures and closure denials, click the following link to the State Water Board website for Closure of UST Cases - Closure Denials and Approved Orders
Cleanup Case Proposed Closures
Case No. Deadline to
Receive Comments
12 pm noon
Site Name Site Address Documents (GeoTracker) Written Comments
Status Final NFA
T083300651 03/01/24 Arlington Automotive

9611 Magnolia Ave.
Riverside, CA 92503

60-Day Notice and Draft Closure Summary
sent 01/02/24
No Comments Received    
T0605942769 11/22/23 Mobil #18-PLR 2500 San Joaquin Hills
Newport Beach, CA 92625

60-Day Notice and Draft Closure Summary

No Comments Received

Well Destruction Directive

083002009T 10/31/23 ARCO#3080 2840 East Imperial Hwy
Fullerton, CA 92631

60-Day Notice and Draft Closure Summary

No Comments Received

Well Destruction Request


 1Proposed case closures posted prior to July 1, 2023 can be found on the site-specific GeoTracker database.

Please direct any questions concerning the UST Program to Maile Gee, Supervisor of the UST/SCP Section, at maile.gee@waterboards.ca.gov and (951) 782-4379.