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CAG994004 Order No. R4-2003-0111 ====== Status: Historical ====== CI - 8963
Effective Date: 2005-10-03
Name : The Newhall Land and Farming Company
Address : 23823 Valencia Blvd
Valencia, CA 91355
Contact : Bruce Crable
Phone/Email :
Name : Segment F of River Park Development
Address : Newhall Ranch Rd/Bouquet Canyon Rd
Valencia, CA
Contact : Bruce Crable
Phone/Email :
Order/Permit Information:
Permit Type : NEW, G, NPDES
Threat To Water Quality :
Complexity :
Order Title : Waste Discharge Requirements for discharges of groundwater from construction and project dewatering to surface waters in coastal watersheds of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties
1. 8963_R4-2003-0111_RSC.pdf
2. 8963_R4-2003-0111_COV.pdf
3. 8963_R4-2003-0111_FS.pdf
4. 8963_R4-2003-0111_MRP.pdf
Receiving Water:
Watershed Waterbody
1. Santa Clara River Santa Clara River
Other Related Permit(s):
Order Number
1. R4-2003-0111