San Diego Region - Certified Projects (401 Certifications - 2008)

Date of Action
Certification Number



The Los Penasquitos Lagoon Mouth Maintenance Project for the Ca. Dept. of Parks & Rec San Diego Coast District was certified on 12/04/2008. The proposed project involves two maintenance activities to the Los Peñasquitos Lagoon mouth in order to restore the tidal flow of water through the lagoon and the placement of dredged sediment in the surf zone of the nearby beach. The two activities are classified as Emergency Breaches and Emergency Openings.


The proposed project is the development of 12.49-acres into 34 single-family detached residential units, the replacement of a 900-foot long, 48-inch diameter storm drain line with a 900-foot long, 84-inch diameter storm drain line, roads, and related infrastructure. The existing storm drain line is considered Waters of the U.S. by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


The San Elijo Lagoon Mouth Maintenance Project for the San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy (SELC) was certified on 12/02/2008. The proposed project involves three maintenance activities to the inlet of the San Elijo Lagoon mouth in order to restore the tidal flow of water through the lagoon and the placement of dredged sediment in the surf zone of the nearby beach. The three activities are classified as Emergency Breaches, Emergency Openings, and Maintenance Openings. 


The proposed project is the installation of an 18-inch relief sewer designed to augment the current capacity of Eastern Municipal Water District’s sewer collection and treatment services. Approximately one mile of new gravity sewer will be installed along an unnamed drainage, uplands and roads in the City of Murrieta. A majority of the new pipeline installed within jurisdictional areas will be installed using trenchless technology, specifically, pneumatic pipe bursting.


The Pier 4 Renovation Project for Continental Maritime was certified on 11/24/2008. The proposed project consists of the installation of a total of 69 piles driven at 33 locations along the outboard of each existing bent pile on either side of Pier 4 to support current load requirements.


Removal of Exotic Plants from Alvarado Creek Channel and the Repair of Rock Slope Protection, Certification 11/21/2008. The proposed project involves the removal of exotic plants from the channel of Alvarado Creek and the removal and replacement 440 cubic yards of rip-rap cover.


The proposed project is the repair and protection of a 48 inch domestic water pipeline that crosses San Juan Creek. The pipeline was partially uncovered during 2005 flooding. The Project would install sheet piles and jet grout an estimated 5 feet subsurface of San Juan Creek to protect the water pipeline where it crosses San Juan Creek east of the Nursery Road Bridge.


Fox Canyon Sewer Repair Project for the San Diego City Metropolitan Wastewater Dept. was certified on 11/18/2008. The proposed project is the repair and protection of a sewer line involving the encasing of a section of pipe, repairing a break in the pipe, and the repair of a joint displacement.


The proposed project is maintenance of the Horno Basin detention basin, concrete channel and dissipation structure, which includes sediment removal and minor vegetation removal. The continuing maintenance is required to maintain the flood capacity of the channel, dissipation structure and sediment basin.


The Otay Ranch Village Two Development for The Otay Ranch Company was certified on 11/14/2008. The project proposes the construction of single and multi-family residential homes, commercial sites, a school, community facility, park and 28 industrial lots. The project also proposes to dedicate open space within Wolf Canyon to the MSCP Preserve.


The Sewer Force-main Replacement Project for the 22nd District Agricultural Association was certified on 11/12/2008. The project will install a new sewer force main under the San Dieguito River between the Del Mar Fairgrounds and the City of Del Mar by utilizing the horizontal directional drilling method. The existing pipe will be flushed, capped and abandoned in place.


The San Vicente Reservoir for San Diego County Water Authority was certified on 10/27/2008. The proposed project is the raising of the existing San Vicente Dam an additional 63 feet beyond the already approved ESP dam raise of 54 feet, raising the overall dam height up to 117 feet (for a total dam height of up to 337 feet).

Amendment 1

The Project is a dry-weather storm drain treatment facility that uses ozone to treat up to 1000 gallons per minute of dry weather flows prior to discharge at Salt Creek beach. The City of Dana Point proposes to reduce influent and effluent monitoring of Nitrate and Ammonia for the Project from monthly to every other month, and reduce reporting from quarterly to annually. The City of Dana Point is requesting an amendment to the Certification for these reductions.


The Golden City Physician's Hospital and Tentative Parcel Map for SunCal Companies was certified on 10/10/2008. The project has two components. The first is a multi-purpose medical facility supporting a hospital, a medical offices building and associated infrastructure. The second is the preparation of three commercial pads, which will be rough graded, stabilized for erosion control and developed at a later date. The project also includes improvements to Triple C Ranch Road and the re-alignment of Antelope Road.


The proposed project consists of the realignment of approx. 550 ft of new 30-in pipeline in MNWD's Eastern Transmissions Main. The Project would relocate the Eastern Transmission Main to a point south of Oso Parkway, crossing east under the existing railroad tracks and connect with an existing 30 inch water main within Mission Viejo city limits.


Coronado Bay Bridge Fish Enhancement Structure - San Diego Bay, Certification 09/12/2008. The proposed project is the placement of approximately 1,100 A-Jacks and pipe structures in an enhancement lease plot adjacent to the existing Le Meridian reef in order to create and enhance fish habitat.


The proposed project consists of drilling two exploratory boreholes on the beach south of Doheny State Park campground and Phase 3 testing will evaluate RO process performances, post-treatment requirements for RO product and concentrate, material corrosions, and microbial growth.


Coronado Cays Homeowners Association Boat Dock Removal and Replacement was originally certified on 09/07/2008 for the Coronado Cays Homeowners Association. The project involves the removal and replacement of floating docks and gangways within the waterways of this community over the next 5 years.


The Meadows project for Pacific Scene Homes was certified on 09/02/2008. The project consists of the development of 30 affordable housing units and related infrastructure on an approximately 4 acre site in Poway, CA.

Amendment 1

The Project protects an existing bridge that accesses the SOCWA treatment plant adjacent to Aliso Creek in Orange County, CA. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers proposes changes in mitigation requirements for the project due to the natural establishment of two initial proposed downstream mitigation sites prior to project commencement. In response, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has proposed additional restoration/enhancement of 1.3 acres of riparian habitat downstream of the project site.


Sunset Pointe Project for Pardee Homes - Valencia Regional Office, was certified on 07/23/2008. The project consists of a 20-lot single family residence subdivision on approximately 8 acres of an approximate 37 acre site for the construction of a residential community and associated infrastructure.

Amendment 1

State Route 74 Safety Improvements Project from San Juan Canyon Bridge to Orange/Riverside County Line, Certification 05/18/2006, Amended 06/12/2008. State Route 74 improvement project which would include; a 3 mile stretch of Ortega Highway from San Juan Canyon Bridge to Riverside County Line widening highway from 10-11ft to 12feet, 4 foot shoulders addition, drainage and intermittent turnout/rock catchment areas addition.


Ronald Reagan Sports Park De-siltation Basin Project for the City of Temecula was certified originally on 06/09/2008.  The project involved the long-term operation and maintenance of the existing de-siltation basin. The maintenance will include removing sediment and debris to restore the basin to its original design capacity. Some riparian vegetation would be cleared to allow access for equipment and to create channels between the micro basins to allow unobstructed flows through the basin. It is estimated that 3 feet of material would be removed initially with future maintenance as needed to restore design capacity.


Target Commercial Center Project for Target Inc. was certified on 06/04/2008. The project consisted of the development of a commercial shopping center, comprised of a Target retail store, a retail building, and a restaurant on the northeast corner of Poinsettia Avenue and Business Park Drive in the city of Vista.


Oak Springs Ranch Residential Development for GLJ Corporation, Inc. was certified on 05/13/2008. The project is a mixed use development that consists of 20.91 acres of multifamily apartment buildings for a maximum of 312 units, 12.89 acres of single-family homes for a maximum of 103 units and 14.36 acres of open space. The project is proposed to be developed in two phases. Phase I consists of the multifamily buildings and open space, and Phase II consists of the single family portion of the project.


CSU San Marcos Social and Behavioral Sciences Building for CSU San Marcos was certified on 05/09/2008. The project consisted of the development of a Social and Behavioral Sciences Building, including associated accessory uses such as driveways, landscaped areas and outdoor walking gathering and meeting places, as well as the construction of a service road along the eastern portion of the site which will connect the service road north of the Science Hall with the service road to the east of the Arts Building.

Amendment 2

125 South Toll Road, Certification 05/01/2008. Construction of eight-lane highway from Otay Mesa Road (Route 905) to Spring Valley Road (Route 54).


Flowerwood Lane, Certification 03/20/2008. The proposed project is the removal of sediment upstream and downstream of a culvert located under SR-76 just east of the intersection with Flowerwood Lane.


Monserate Hill Road Project for the Ca. Dept of Transportation District 11 was certified on 03/18/2008. The proposed project is the removal of sediment upstream and downstream of a culvert located under SR-76 just east of the intersection with Monserate Hill Road.


Penasquitos Views Sewer Replacement and Abandonment for the City of San Diego was certified on 03/10/2008. The project was to construct approximately 1,490 linear feet of sewer line with associated manholes, and abandon approximately 5,765 linear feet of sewer line and associated manholes. The new line will cross Los Peñasquitos Creek at a point south of La Tortola Street, where approximately 67 linear feet of sewer line will be placed in a trench at the bottom of the creek bed. The project is to increase the capacity of the sewer trunk and reduce the number of pipelines within canyons and environmentally sensitive lands.


Bridges At Rancho Santa Fe project for Lennar Communities - Carlsbad and HCC Investment LLC  was certified on 03/06/2008. The project consisted of the reconfiguration of an existing golf course driving range, the development of approximately nine acres into five estate lots (Unit 6), and the construction of emergency access over Bumann Road.


The San Luis Rey River Flood Control Project Operation and Maintenance Project for The City of Oceanside was certified on 02/15/2008.  The purpose of the project was to increase flow conveyance capacity of the current condition in the San Luis Rey River Flood Control Channel which currently provides less than optimal flood protection.


Replace Corrugated Metal Pipe project for CALTrans district 11 was certified on 02/11/2008. The proposed project is the replacement of a deteriorating CMP under SR-78 near Post Mile 31.7 before a collapse of the roadway occurs. Emergency certification, issued to Caltrans for culvert repairs on SR-78 in the San Paqual Valley. 


Mission Trails FRS II, Pipeline Tunnel and Vent for The San Diego County Water Authority was certified on 1/16/2008. The project consisted of the construction of an underground 19-million gallon reservoir, removal of two pipelines and ten vents, construction of two, 96-inch diameter pipelines within a tunnel, construction (widening) of an existing, permanent, stabilized Arizona-style crossing over the San Diego River. and the removal of an existing (degraded concrete) Arizona-style crossing over the San Diego River.


Phase 2 Mitigation Reef of the SONGS Units 2 & 3 Kelp Artificial Reef Project for Southern California Edison was certified on 01/13/2008. This project is intended to complete the kelp reef habitat creation required to mitigate the environmental impacts on the San Onofre kelp bed resulting from the operation of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Units 2 and 3 (SONGS) cooling system, per California Coastal Commission (CCC) Coastal Development Permit (CDP) No. 6-81-330A. Southern California Edison proposes to place approximately 100,800 tons of quarry rock in a single layer on the seafloor to create127.6 acres of kelp reef habitat. The mitigation reef will be managed and monitored for a period equal to the operating life of SONGS, per CDP No. 6-81-330A.