San Diego Region - Certified Projects (401 Certifications - 2012)

Date of Action
Certification Number



BAE Systems Pier 4 Replacement Project, BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair Inc. December 28, 2012. Within the BAE Systems leasehold, the project is to demolish existing Pier 4 and Pier 5, remove drydock mooring dolphins, construct new bulkhead sections and related infrastructure, conduct underwater dredging out to the main channel in San Diego Bay and construct a new Pier 4 and a mooring dolphin.


Sunset Pointe, Original Date of Certification 07/23/2008, Amended 12/20/2012, Pardee Homes - The project proposes dredging Dana Point Harbor to maintain safe navigational capabilities and reusing the dredged coarse material for beach nourishment at Baby Beach and Capistrano Beach County Park.


The Executive Ridge Industrial Project, 12/14/2012, Moxie Pacific Palomar, LLC, is the division of approximately 17 -acre Executive Ridge Industrial site to develop an industrial office park consistent with the Vista Business Park Specific Plan. The Project is located north of San Marcos Boulevard, between Business Park Drive and Rancho Santa Fe Road in the City of Vista, CA. The Project will divide the property into five industrial and cornmercial lots of varying sizes, from 2.78 acres to 3.71 acres, and includes construction of a one street cul-de-sac for access off West San Marcos Boulevard. The graded pads will remain pervious and would be hydro-seeded with a non-invasive, non-irrigated plant species. The graded slopes will be fully vegetated with native or drought resistant plants for erosion control.


The Aliso Creek Trail Repair Project (Project), 12/10/2012, Golden Rain Foundation of Laguna Woods, consists of relocating and replacing an existing seasonal pedestrian bridge that spanned the low flow channel within Aliso Creek. The seasonal pedestrian bridge was damaged in a recent storm event. The bridge will be replaced with a double 3-foot high by 12-foot wide reinforced concrete box (RCB) supported by wing walls. The RCB crossing has been designed so that a storm event greater than a one-year storm event will overtop the crossing.


Emery Road Realignment Project, Certification 11/16/2012, County of San Diego Department of Public Works. The County proposes improvements to a total of approximately 0.14 miles of public roadway comprised of Emery Road. The proposed project has two components: site distance improvements and proper conveyance of the 100 year storm.


Rattlesnake Creek Streambed Stabilization Project, 11/15/2012, City of Poway - The project includes streambed and bank reinforcements/enhancements along a reach and encompasses areas that need to be stabilized. Measures include TRM with native vegetation, widening the channel bottom, and contouring the banks to a 2:1 slope where easement boundaries allow. Minor grading will occur in a portion of the stream channel. Rip rap and filter fabric will be placed at the toe of the slope to key-in TRM. Native riparian habitat similar to upstream conditions will be planted.


Laguna Canyon Road Drainages Project, 10/21/2012, County of Orange, The Laguna Canyon Road Drainages Project (Project) consists of maintenance within three existing drainage facilities and minor improvements to an existing maintenance road. These drainage facilities are identified as DS-11, DS- 12, and DS-23, and consist of culverts that extend beneath Laguna Canyon Road and discharge flows into earthen channels located east of Laguna Canyon Road. The maintenance activities involve minor grading within the existing channels to restore an adequate drainage gradient and to prevent standing water.


Buckman Springs Road/Oak Drive Intersection Improvements Project, 10/18/2012, County of San Diego, The Project consists of improvements to a total of 0.39-mile of Buckman Springs Road and Oak Drive, including intersection improvements, drainage improvements, and construction of a trail segment. The installation of the dedicated facilities proposed in the project are needed to improve roadway line-of-sight for motorists, traffic flow, storm water conveyance to accommodate 1OO-year storm water elevations, and safety for bicyclists, pedestrians, and equestrians.


Otay Business Park, Certification 10/12/2012, Otay Business Park LLC, The proposed project consists of the construction of an industrial business park divided into 59 commercial/industrial lots.

Amendment 1

Citracado High School, Original Date of Certification 11/03/2011, Amended 10/12/2012, Escondido Union High School District, Escondido Union High School District proposes the development of a new career technology high school on a District owned 36.35 acre site. The Project is limited to the construction of the high school within a 23 acre footprint with installation of landscaping elsewhere on the Project site. The Project plan includes approximately 20 acres of total landscape with 17 acres (83 percent) planted with native species 1. There will be a 50-foot wide buffer along the edges of the school site to provide a minimum distance between the buildings, parking areas, and playing fields and the residential properties. The area within the buffer will be landscaped and developed with fences, walking paths, and/or drainage catch basins, or left undeveloped.

Amendment 1

The Lake Forest Sports Park and Recreation Center Project was originally certified on 04/02/2012 for the City of Lake Forest. It is now amended for the first time on 10/04/2012. The project includes the construction of a park and recreation center over approximately 59 acres. Amendment 1 allows for additional permanent impacts of 0.01 acres of isolated wetland waters of the State.


Palomar Station Smart Growth, 09/28/2012, Integral Communities, Integral Communities proposes a mixed use development site comprised of 370 residential condominium units and 49,000 square feet of commercial retail use which includes 5,000 square feet of restaurants. The Project includes 70,000 square feet of open space that is integrated throughout the Project.


Sun Ranch Drainage Improvements Project, 09/26/2012, City of San Juan Capistrano, The proposed project will consists of installing approximately 1,500 linear feet of buried 48-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) storm drain pipeline along a natural drainage course. The proposed pipeline will accommodate peak storm water flows.

Amendment 1

Sorrento Miramar Double Track – Phase I, Original Date of Certification 08/25/2011, Amended 09/21/2012, SANDAG, The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) has proposed to construct a second railroad track parallel to an existing track to reduce train traffic. The proposed project area is located mostly parallel to and over Soledad Valley Creek, parallel and south-west of Sorrento Valley Road, starts at the Sorrento Valley Coaster Station, and ends at confluence of Carroll Canyon and Soledad Canyon Creeks (approximate ½ mile east of I-805).

Amendment 1

Monarch Beach Management Plan: Salt Creek Pilot Project, 08/31/2012, Washington Holdings, LLC. The project aims to reestablish a westward flow path at the mouth of Salt Creek by constructing and maintaining temporary sand berms and a shallow channel to direct creek flow across the beach from the outlet structure to the ocean. Amendment is for a temporary ‘sand bridge’ at the base of the vehicle ramp to allow access by emergency vehicles.


Control Point (CP) San Onofre to CP Pulgas Double Track Project, 08/15/2012, SANDAG,The Control Point (CP) San Onofre to CP Pulgas Double Track Project (Project) includes the construction of a second mainline railroad track adjacent to an existing single mainline railroad track along approximately 4.3 miles of the Los Angeles-San Diego-San Luis Obispo (LOSSAN) rail corridor in northern San Diego County.


UCSD Clinical and Translation Research Institute, 08/15/2012, UCSD, This project consists of construction of an approximately 360,000-gross-square-foot research building, expansion of the existing East Campus Utility Plant, roadway improvements along Medical Drive North along the project's frontage, utility connections, vehicular and pedestrian circulation improvements, construction of two pedestrian bridges, associated landscaping, and 2 temporary road hauls.

Amendment 2

City of Poway Concrete Flood Control Channel Maintenance and Cleaning, 08/13/2012, Public Works Department City of Poway, This amendment extended the term of the Certification an additional five years. The Certification covers annual maintenance of concrete drainage channels in the City of Poway to remove sediment, weeds, trash, and debris (concrete channels only; no natural channels).


Recycled Water Storage Pond No. 5, 08/09/2012, Rancho California Water District, The Recycled Water Storage Pond No. 5 project (Project) includes the construction of an additional storage pond (capacity of approximately 335 acre-feet with a surface area of approximately 25 acres), two 24-inch diameter pipelines, paving the existing access road along Elm Street, lining the existing Pond No. 4, and constructing access ramps with turnarounds in Ponds No. 1, 2 and 3. The project also includes two box culverts to accommodate the access roads.

Amendment 1

Escondido Sewer Outfall Operations and Maintenance Activities, 07/23/2012, City of Escondido, This amendment extended the term of the Certification an additional five years. The Certification covers the continued operations and maintenance (O&M) of the 14.2-mile treated sewage line and infrastructure for the City of Escondido's land outfall. The infrastructure includes the treated sewer line, 95 manholes, 16 cathodic protection test stations, 4 cathodic protection rectifier stations, and access roads for vehicles and pedestrians.


Morgan Hill TT32813, 06/13/2012, D.R. Horton, The Morgan Hill TT32813 (Project) includes the development of a residential community on 20-acres, consisting of 59 single-family residential homes, four new internal streets and supporting infrastructure in the Temecula area of Riverside County.


I-5/Genesee Interchange, 06/01/2012, California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS), The project consists of improvements to Interstate-5 (I-5) and Genesee Avenue to improve traffic flow and provide a connection for bicyclists between two, existing bicycle paths. The project will occur in two phases. The first phase of construction will include the reconstruction of I-5/Genesee interchange, the addition of auxiliary lanes north of Genesee Avenue, construction of a bike path, and improvement of Sorrento Valley on-ramps and off-ramps. The second phase of construction will include the addition of auxiliary lanes south of Genesee Avenue, replacement of the Voigt Drive overcrossing, and realignment of Gilman Drive.

Amendment 2

The Sorrento Creek Channel Maintenance Project was originally certified for the City of San Diego on 08/22/2006. Amendment 1 was issued on 12/22/2011. Amendment 2 was issued on 05/31/2012.


Oceanside Harbor Maintenance Dredging, 05/25/2012, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, The project consists of annual maintenance dredging of the entrance channel to Oceanside Harbor, the Del Mar Channel, and the Oceanside Channel to re-establish suitable navigation depth at federally authorized dimensions, and disposal of the dredged material along the shoreline in Oceanside, CA.

Amendment 2

TT #29484 at Briggs Road, 05/17/2012, D.R. Horton, The proposed project includes construction of 242 residential lots, one 12-acre open space lot, two vegetated basins on approximately 90 acres, and a 10-foot extension of the culverts under Briggs road at the warm springs, a tributary to French Valley Creek.


Wood to Steel Project-TL 637, 05/16/2012, San Diego Gas & Electric, The applicant proposes to replace four existing poles with direct bury heavy steel poles or micropile poles. The new poles, which will provide continuous reliable electrical service, prevent service outages, and replace outdated equipment. Installation of steel poles will reduce damage to the utilities in the event of a fire, thereby increasing reliability. The remaining thirteen wood poles will be removed and the power lines rerouted to other existing poles.


Monarch Beach Management Plan: Salt Creek Pilot Project, 05/15/2012, Washington Holdings, LLC, The project aims to reestablish a westward flow path at the mouth of Salt Creek by constructing and maintaining temporary sand berms and a shallow channel to direct creek flow across the beach from the outlet structure to the ocean.


Jackson Avenue Street Improvement Project, 05/10/2012, City of Murrieta, The proposed project consists of the widening and extension of Jackson Avenue and Magellan Street southward over Warm Springs Creek to Ynez Road in the City of Temecula. The purpose of this project is to improve traffic flow by providing an alternative roadway between the Cities of Murrieta and Temecula.


San Ysidro Freight Yard Improvement Project, 04/18/2012, San Diego Association of Governments, The proposed project includes the construction of two new track extensions and revisions of track alignment for additional rail car storage, a new truck access road, drainage improvements, sediment detention basins, and bioretention facilities.


Amendment 4

Amendment No. 4 to Certification issued for the Tijuana River Valley Channel Maintenance Project to the City of San Diego on 04/17/2012. This amendment corrects the areal extent of the impacts to 4.61 acres and adjusts the mitigation performed adjacent to the footprint of exotic invasive species eradication to 4.61 acres.


The Lake Forest Sports Park and Recreation Center Project was certified on 04/02/2012 for the City of Lake Forest. The project includes the construction of a park and recreation center over approximately 59 acres.


Poche Beach and Capistrano Beach Outlet No. 1 Ocean Maintenance Project, 07/22/2011, Orange County Parks, Amendment to the recurring maintenance activities at Poche Beach Outlet and Capistrano Beach Outlet No. 1 along the Capistrano Beach shoreline adjacent to and in the City of Dana Point, CA. The semi-annual maintenance activities will occur in the Fall and Spring and will consist of moving sand deposits at the end of the outlet structures, redistributing the sand on the beach above the high tide line to match existing shoreline contours, and grading to prepare for recreational use.


Native Plant Revegetation, 03/16/2012, Hunter Industries, Inc., The applicant proposes to improve stream function, eliminate irrigation, cease chemical input application, demonstrate a water-conscious landscape and raise awareness of habitat and ecosystem services to its clients and neighbors.

Amendment 1

Woodside Avenue Drainage Improvements Project, 03/15/2012, County of San Diego Department of Public Works, Amendment to the replacement of 1,800-feet of an existing, partially underground storm water drainage system parallel to Woodside Avenue with an upgraded underground drainage system and construction of two 14-foot by 5-foot box culverts that would transport water under State Route 67 for a distance of approximately 340-feet.

Amendment 1

I-805 North Managed Lanes Project, 03/08/2012, California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS), An amendment to the project which proposes modification on Interstate 805 to maintain or improve future traffic operations on this freeway from State Route 52 (SR-52) to just north of Mira Mesa Boulevard. Four managed lanes will be constructed (two in each direction) from SR-52 to La Jolla Village Drive and two High Occupancy Lanes (one in each direction) from La Jolla Village Drive to just north of Mira Mesa Boulevard.


Interstate 5/Ortega Highway Improvements Project, 02/24/2012, California Department of Transportation District 12, The proposed project includes reconfiguration and restriping of the I-5 and SR-74 interchange west of southbound I-5; widening of I-5 southbound off-ramp and relocating the Del Obisbo Street and SR-74 intersection to form a new intersection to the south; widening and restriping SR-74 east of the northbound I-5 freeway ramps to accommodate eastbound and westbound through and turn lanes and to widen existing lanes; and relocating the I-5 northbound off ramp to the ease to provide for a partial cloverleaf ramp configuration.

Amendment 1

La Costa Village Center Townhomes, 02/17/2012, City Ventures, Amendment to the fifty three condominium development of 2, 3, 4 and 5-plex buildings on 14.4 acre site. Improvements to El Camino Real will also take place.


Rattlesnake Creek Channel Bank Repair, 02/13/2012, City of Poway Public Utilities Department, The applicant proposes to fill an approximately 12ft. X 6ft. Channel bank area with a combination of rip rap wrapped in filter fabric, covered with compacted soil, and biodegradable erosion control blanket with hydroseed native mix.


Leon Basin Swale Relocation, 02/04/2012, Lennar Spencer’s Crossing LLC., The proposed project consists of the relocation of a storm drain outfall and relocation of an unnamed creek adjacent to the outfall. The storm drain outfall was not constructed to the engineered design elevation, and the surrounding area associated with the road crossing was not graded to design specifications, resulting in a creek flow path that causes inundation and pooling at the outfall during and after storm events. The storm drain will be elevated and discharge point regarded to allow for proper storm water flow, while the creek flow line will be established to the west.

Amendment 1

36-inch Raw Water Pipeline Replacement Project was originally certified for Sweetwater Authority on 10/10/2011. Amendment 1 was issued on 02/03/2012.


Interim Water Tank Ravine Burn Dump Stabilization Project, 02/03/2012, City of Laguna Beach, The proposed project involves the temporary armoring and construction of check dams within an unnamed ephemeral drainage that traverses a historic burn dump site.


City of San Marcos, 01/27/2012, San Marcos Creek Specific Plan, The purpose of the project is to develop a mixed-use downtown through the revitalization and redevelopment of existing blighted development and the creation of new commercial, retail, office, and residential development; channel improvements through channel excavation and construction of a linear levee system along the north and south side of San Marcos Creek to improve and maintain hydraulics and ensure public health and safety; and roadway circulation improvements through the project area.


Stable Lanes, 01/18/2012, Stable Lanes Development, LLC, The proposed project consists of the construction of a commercial development and off-site road improvements to Stable Lanes Road.


California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS), 01/18/2012, Repair Culverts, The proposed project is to repair ten culverts throughout San Diego County. Repairs will include removing obstructions from inlets and outlets, re-grading outlet ditches, filling eroded areas, sealing culvert joints, relining culverts, structurally sleeking culverts, and repairing aprons and wingwalls.


San Vicente Road Improvement Project, 01/04/2012, County of San Diego Department of Public Works, The project proposes safety improvements to an approximately 22.25-mile section of San Vicente Road. The existing road is approximately 30-feet wide with two 12-feet lanes and minimal shoulders. The proposed roads will result in two, 13-feet travel lanes, two 5-feet bike lanes, 14-feet turn lanes at the Warnock Drive and Wildcat Canyon Road intersections, a 10-feet wide stabilized decomposed granitoid pathway on the west and south side of the roadway and a 10-feet wide native graded parkway on the east and north side of the roadway.