San Diego Region - (PFAS)

Per - and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a family of human-made chemicals that can persist in the environment. PFAS substances were routinely used in grease-proof coatings for food packaging, stain-resistant coatings for carpets, clothing and furniture, and as an ingredient in coatings for not-stick cookware. In addition, these compounds have been used in fire-retarding foams and various industrial processes. Please click on the following link to learn more about PFAS (Fact Sheet).

This webpage provides information on where PFAS data are collected within the San Diego Region and links to other state background information and efforts on PFAS. Please click on the “Quick Links” for the State Water Board information on PFAS.

The San Diego Water Board's technical staff provide regulatory oversight within the Department of Defense (DoD), the Site Clean Program (SCP) and the Site Restoration and Waste Management (SRWM) Units. A primary objective of the San Diego Water Board is to provide information and data that is easily accessible to the public.

The PFAS Map below links to cases in GeoTracker regarding PFAS investigation actions conducted within San Diego Region, and the results from those actions. Click on the PFAS Map and then click on the box shown on the map that corresponds to the desired location of interest.

San Diego Region 9 - PFAS Map