PG&E Hinkley Chromium Cleanup

PG&E 2015 CLEANUP & ABATEMENT ORDER (adopted November 4, 2015)

  • Cleanup and Abatement Order No. R6V-2015-0068
    Requiring Pacific Gas And Electric Company to Clean Up and Abate Waste Discharges of Total And Hexavalent Chromium to the Groundwaters of the Mojave Hydrologic Unit
  • At its November 4, 2015 meeting, the Lahontan Water Board issued a comprehensive Cleanup and Abatement Order against Pacific Gas and Electric Company to continue its cleanup of chromium-contaminated groundwater in Hinkley, Calif.  The Water Board’s meeting agenda page includes comment letters, presentations and audio files for agenda item 6 (the proposed PG&E CAO).

Proposed Cleanup & Abatement Order

The proposed CAO directs PG&E to continue and improve cleanup actions to remediate chromium-contaminated groundwater; define the chromium plume where it remains incompletely defined; sets plume capture requirements; and sets deadlines to meet interim cleanup targets.  A monitoring and reporting program is included.  Click on the links below to view the CAO and attachments.

The Lahontan Water Board Prosecution Team and PG&E provided the below documents which contain proposed consensus language for the proposed Cleanup and Abatement Order (CAO) in response to the Executive Officer's letter dated June 25, 2015. The June 25th letter provided the parties additional time to develop in consensus proposed changes to the original proposed CAO. The Water Board's advisors will review the proposed consensus language and provide a revised CAO draft for the public’s review in August, which may incorporate all or some of the proposed consensus language and other changes based upon comments previously received and ideas generated at the May workshop. A workshop on the new draft will be held at the September 16-17, 2015 Board meeting in Barstow. After a public comment period on the new draft CAO, the Water Board will plan to consider adoption of a final CAO at its November 4-5, 2015 Board meeting, which will also be held in Barstow. A final schedule, including the comment period on the revised draft, will be released with the revised draft in August.

The Lahontan Water Board is not requesting comments on the below documents, but welcomes your comments on the revised draft CAO to be issued in August.

  • Additional Time - Proposed Cleanup and Abatement Order requiring Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to cleanup discharges of chromium to groundwaters in Hinkley.
  • Public Workshop - Proposed Cleanup & Abatement Order for PG&E Hinkley Chromium Cleanup - May 28, 2015 (1pm) Barstow, CA
  • Request for additional information - Due May 21, 2015
  • Request for Comments on Proposed CAO for PG&E Hinkley Chromium Cleanup - Due March 13, 2015
  • Comments Received
  • Comments Received after the close of the comment period
  • CAO No. R6V-2015-PROP

    1. CAO and Investigative Orders Replaced by CAO No. R6V-2015-PROP
    2. Location of Chromium Plumes (Third Quarter 2014)
    3. Area of Allowed Plume Expansion
    4. Active Water Board Orders and Notices Authorizing Clean up Actions
    5. Hydraulic Capture Metrics
    6. Hydraulic Capture Monitoring Plan, Shallow Zone of Upper Aquifer
    7. Hydraulic Capture Monitoring Plan, Deep Zone of Upper Aquifer
    8. Groundwater Monitoring and Reporting Program, CAO No. R6V-2015-PROP
  • Workshop - November 12-13, 2014 - Cleanup and Abatement Order Discussion, Pacific Gas & Electric Company's (PG&E) Hinkley Compessor Station, San Bernardino County.
  • CAO References

    References for the CAO can be viewed by clicking on the link in the "Exhibit File Name" column

    Exhibit No. Document Date Document Title Author Exhibit File Name
    1 8/10/1972 Board Order No. 6-72-44, Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs) for PG&E Hinkley Compressor Station Water Board 1_ 6_72_44.pdf
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    8 11/12/2008 CAO R6V-2008-0002A1 Water Board 8_r6v_2008_0002a1.pdf
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    10 4/7/2009 Notice of Applicability, R6V-2008-0014 Water Board 10_noa_4_7_09.pdf (1.01 MB)
    11 8/17/2009 Notice of Applicability, R6V-2008-0014 Water Board 11_noa_8_17_09.pdf
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    13 8/30/2010 Feasibility Study PG&E 13_fs_2010.pdf
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    15 1/31/2011 Feasibility Study, addendum 1 PG&E 15_fs_a1.pdf (4.98 MB)
    16 3/3/2011 Feasibility Study, addendum 2 PG&E 16_fs_a2.pdf (1.55 MB)
    17 9/15/2011 Feasibility Study, addendum 3 PG&E 17_fs_a3.pdf (26.76 MB)
    18 9/29/201 Investigative Order (IO) R6V-2011-0079, Quarterly Groundwater Monitoring Reports Water Board 18_r6v_2011_0079.pdf
    19 10/11/2011 CAO R6V-2011-0005A1 Water Board 19_r6v_2011_0005a1.pdf
    20 3/14/2012 CAO R6V-2008-0002A3 Water Board 20_r6v_2008_0002a3.pdf (1.58 MB)
    21 6/7/2012 CAO R6V-2011-0005A2 Water Board 21_r6v_2011_0005a2.pdf
    22 1/8/2013 CAO R6V-2008-0002A4 Water Board 22_r6v_2008_0002a4.pdf
    23 5/1/2013 Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR), Comprehensive Groundwater Cleanup Strategy for Historical Discharges from PG&E's Hinkley Compressor Station, San Bernardino County ICF International for Water Board 23_ available at
    24 6/26/2013 IO R6V-2013-0051, Conditional Acceptance of Plan to Remove Inactive Domestic Wells from Sampling Program Water Board 24_r6v_2013_0051.pdf
    25 7/17/2013 Resolution R6V-2013-0060, Certifying Final EIR Water Board 25_r6v_2013_0060.pdf (2.91 MB)
    26 8/2/2013 Request for Action Plan and More Information in Reports Water Board 26_PT_8_2_13.pdf
    27 10/4/2013 PG&E's Request To Clarify Use of Historical Data in Drawing Chromium Plume Boundary Water Board 27_EO_10_4_13.pdf
    28 10/30/2013 IO R6V-2013-0087, Acceptance of Action Plan with Additional Conditions and IO Requiring Technical Reports Water Board 28_r6v_2013_0087.pdf
    29 12/12/2013 Review of Chromium Plume Maps, Third Quarter 2013 Monitoring Report Water Board 29_EO_12_12_13.pdf
    30 2/18/2014 CAO R6V-2011-0005A3 Water Board 30_r6v_2011_0005a3.pdf
    31 3/12/2014 Board Order No. R6V-2014-0023, WDRs for Agricultural Treatment Units Water Board 31_r6v_2014_0023.pdf, and available online at
    32 4/24/2014 Status Report for the Northern Areas PG&E 32_status_north_areas.pdf (5.09 MB)
    33 6/30/2014 Remedial Assessment Timeframe PG&E 33_remedial_timeframe.pdf (16.67 MB)
    34 8/1/2014 Notice of Applicability, R6V-2014-0023 Water Board 34_noa_8_1_14.pdf
    35 10/3/2014 Work Plan to Conduct Hydraulic Testing and Capture Analysis, Winter 2014-2105 PG&E 35_hydraulic_testing_plan.pdf (2.76 MB)
    36 10/22/2014 Email, Re: Proposed Northern Monitoring Wells PG&E 36_email_oct_22_northMWs.pdf
    37 10/30/2014 Third Quarter 2014 Groundwater Monitoring Report and Domestic Wells Sampling Results PG&E 37_3q_2014_gmp.pdf (59.81 MB)
    38 11/7/2014 Plan for Enhancement of Lower Aquifer Remedy (Installation of EX-37) PG&E 38_la_plan_11_7_2014.pdf (2.02 MB)
    39 12/5/2014 Notice of Applicability, R6V-2008-0014, Bioreactor Pilot Test Water Board 39_noa_12_5_14.pdf (1.52 MB)
    40 12/18/2014 Email, NOTIFICATION: Increased Chromium Detections North or Northwest of MW-193S3 PG&E 40_email_dec_19_mw193s3.pdf
    41 12/19/2014 Acceptance of Plan for Hydraulic Testing Activities and Temporary Amendments to Monitoring and Reporting Program in CAO R6V-2008-0002A3, PG&E Hinkley Compressor Station, WDID 6B369107001 Water Board 41_eo_12_19_14.pdf
    42 12/19/2014 Draft  Groundwater Monitoring and Reporting Program, PG&E Hinkley Compressor Station PG&E 42_Available at
    43 12/22/2014 Conditional Acceptance of Plan to Improve Lower Aquifer Chromium Remediation Water Board 43_la_plan_acceptance.pdf
    44 5/21/2015 Prosecution Team Response to Advisory Team Request for Information, including Attachment A, References. Water Board
    Prosecution Team
        Plume Maps referenced in Exhibit 44:     
    45 01/30/2012 Fourth Quarter 2011 PG&E 45_4q2011.pdf
    46 04/30/2012 First Quarter 2012 PG&E 46_1q2012.pdf
    47 07/30/2012 Second Quarter 2012 PG&E 47_2q2012.pdf
    48 10/30/2012 Third Quarter 2012 PG&E 48_3q2012.pdf
    49 01/30/2013 Fourth Quarter 2012 PG&E 49_4q2012.pdf
    50 04/30/2013 First Quarter 2013 PG&E 50_1q2013.pdf
    51 07/30/2013 Second Quarter 2013 PG&E 51_2q2013.pdf
    52 10/30/2013 Third Quarter 2013 PG&E 52_3q2013.pdf
    53 10/30/2014 Third Quarter 2014 PG&E 53_3q2014.pdf
    54 August 2010 August 2010 Chromium Plume map PG&E 54_aug2010.pdf
    55 8/24/2011 CAO R6V-2011-0058, Requiring Harmsen Dairy to Cleanup and Abate the Effects of Discharging Nitrate Contaminants to Groundwaters of the Mojave River Hydrologic Unit Water Board 55_r6v_2011_58.pdf
    56 8/24/2011 CAO R6V-2011-0059, Requiring Hinkley Dairy to Cleanup and Abate the Effects of Discharging Nitrate Contaminants to Groundwaters of the Mojave River Hydrologic Unit Water Board 56_r6v_2011_59.pdf
    57 09/24/1990 (excerpt undated) George AFB Federal Facility Agreement, section 12, Dispute Resolution USEPA Region 9, et al 57_gafb_dispute.pdf
    58 Undated excerpt Memorandum of Understanding between the State Water Resources Control Board, Designated Regional Water Quality Control Boards, and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, section V, Coordination and Conflict Resolution Process CALFIRE, State Water Board, et al 58_calfire_dispute.pdf

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