Board Meeting Audio for June 2007

Regional Water Quality Control Board
North Coast Region
5550 Skylane Blvd., Suite A

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Item i Pledge of Allegiance
Item ii Roll Call and Introductions
(5mb 11 mins)

Information Items

1. Stream and Wetland Systems Protection Policy (31mb, 66 mins)
Regional Sediment Amendment Update (7mb, 15 mins)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

iii. Pledge of Allegiance
iv. Roll Call and Introductions
v. Board Member Ex Parte Communication Disclosure
vi. State Board Liaison's, Board Chair's, Board Members' and Executive Officer's Reports
(2mb, 4 minutes)

vii. Public Forum (1.5mb 3.5 minutes)

3. Approval of Meeting Minutes: April 2007 (.2 mb, 30 seconds)

Consent Items

4. Order No. R1-2007-0029, to consider rescinding NPDES Permit for California Department of Transportation, Humboldt Bay Bridges Seismic Retrofit Project Order No. R1-2002-0002

5. Order Nos. R1-2005-0043 and R1-2005-0044, to consider amendment of Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements and amendment of Monitoring and Reporting Program for Circuit Rider Productions Giant Reed Removal and Habitat Restoration Project in the Russian River Watershed

6. O rder No. R1-2007-0024, to consider renewal of Waste Discharge Requirements for a “Funnel and Gate” groundwater treatment system for Mendocino Forest Products Company, LLC, Former Fort Bragg Sawmill

7. Order No. R1-2007-0032, rescinding Waste Discharge Requirements Order No. 99-38, NPDES Permit No. CA0024872 for the Union Pacific Railroad Site, 99 Frances St., Santa Rosa, California

8. Order No. R1-2007-0038, to consider adoption of an administrative civil liability order specifying payment and compliance projects to satisfy Administrative Civil Liability Complaint No. R1-2007-0012, issued February 1, 2007 to the City of Santa Rosa.

(Items 4-8, .5mb, 1 minute)

Public Hearing 

9. PUBLIC HEARING Order No. R1-2007-0007, to consider Proposed Waste Discharge Requirements for City of Fortuna Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant. (17mb 36 minutes)

10. PUBLIC HEARING Order No. R1-2007-0013, to consider  Waste Discharge Requirements and Master Reclamation Permit for Town of Windsor Wastewater Treatment, Reclamation and Disposal Facility (11mb, 24 minutess)

11. PUBLIC HEARING Resolution No. R1-2007-0034, Collaborative Effort to Develop Ownership-Wide Waste Discharge Requirements for Timber Harvesting Activities Conducted by the Mendocino Redwoods Company (5.5mb, 12 minutes)

12. PUBLIC HEARING Consideration of a Conditional Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements for Proposed On-site Wastewater Treatment and Disposal System at 6875 Timber Drive, Sebastopol (26mb, 56 mins)

    Information Items

13. Executive Officer Administrative Civil Liabilities
14. Board Member Requests for Future Agenda Items
15. Other Items of Interest
(6.5mb 6.45 minutes)