Public Hearing Notices - NPDES Permits, Waste Discharge Requirements and Waivers

Public Notice
Order R1-2019-0001
Monitoring and Reporting Program Extensions, Issued November 9, 2020

Public Notice
Order No. R1-2020-0032
Waste Discharge Requirements and 401 Water Quality Certification
Sonoma County Water Agency Stream Maintenance Program

Proposed Order No. R1-2020-0032
Monitoring and Reporting Program R1-2020-0032

Public Notice
Order No. R1-2020-0024
Waste Discharge Requirements for
Lewiston Community Services District
Wastewater Treatment Facility

Proposed Order No. R1-2020-0024

Public Notice
Order No. R1-2020-0021
Short Term Renewal of the Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements for
Nonpoint Source Discharges Related to Certain Federal Land Management Activities
On National Forest System Lands in the North Coast Region

Proposed Order No. R1-2020-0021