Public Hearing Notices - NPDES Permits, Waste Discharge Requirements and Waivers

Public Notice
Draft Waste Discharge and Master Water Reclamation Requirements Order No. R1-2022-0004
Gualala Community Services District Wastewater Treatment Facility
Mendocino and Sonoma Counties

Draft No. R1-2022-0004

Public Notice
Draft Order No. R1-2022-0003 Rescinding Waste Discharge Requirements Orders and Associated Monitoring and Reporting Programs for:

  • Jackson Family Wines Skylane Barrel Warehouse, Order No. 99-37 and MRP No. 99-37, WDID No. 1B98080RSON
  • City of Willits Page Property, Order No. R1-2017-0046, NPDES Permit No. CA0025143, and associated MRP, WDID No. 1B06008NME
  • Ray’s Station Winery (formally Weibel Winery/Stimson Lane Vineyard), Order No. R1-2000-0081 and associated MRP, WDID No. 1B79056OMEN
  • Coast Wood Preserving. Inc., Order No. R1-2004-0094, WDID No. 1B82051OMEN
  • Gualala Community Services District and Sea Ranch Village, Incorporated Sea Ranch Golf Links Order No. 92-121, WDID No. 1B9202ORSON
  • County of Sonoma, County Service Area #6 Sea Ranch North Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Facilities, Order No. 94-004, WDID No. 1B720190SON

Mendocino and Sonoma Counties

Draft No. R1-2022-0003

Public Notice
Draft Waste Discharge Requirements Order No. R1-2022-0002
for Humboldt County Resort Improvement District No. 1 Shelter Cove Wastewater Treatment Facility
Humboldt County

Draft No R1-2022-0002