Water Quality Certification Public Notices

Water Quality Certification Actions - Applicants for federal permits that involve dredge or fill activities in surface waters (including wetlands) are required to obtain certification from the state verifying that the activity will comply with state water quality standards. Most of these federal permits are referred to as 404 permits (in reference to Section 404 of the federal Clean Water Act). Applicants for some other types of federal license or permits (ex. FERC licenses) that authorize activities that may result in discharges to waters of the United States are also required to obtain state certification. This state certification is called 401 Certification (in reference to Section 401 of the Clean Water Act). In California, 401 certification actions are the responsibility of the State and Regional Water Quality Control Boards. It is the policy of this Regional Board to provide public notice of pending 401 Certification actions in order to gather comments from concerned agencies and the public. The following list contains notification of pending 401 Certification actions.

 Project Name WDID County  Location Description Comment period Contact Info
California Department of Transportation
CDOT Highway 101 PM R16.3 - 33.05 Five Culverts Near Garberville  Project (01-48410)
16.30 PM

33.05 PM
The Project will reconstruct or rehabilitate cross culverts, inlet structures, outlet structures, and downdrains at five locations. Four of the culverts convey jurisdictional waters. Methods include cut and cover and culvert lining with a total of approximately 0.072 acres of temporary impacts to streams, and riparian areas. Permanent impacts to streams and riparian areas amount to 45 linear feet (LF) and 0.0076 acres respectively. Offsets to permanent impacts include daylighting approximately 36 LF of culvert and planting willow stakes along 15 LF where rock slope protection (RSP) will be placed at a culvert outlet. Riparian planting of 0.0153 acre of will offset 0.0076 acre of impacts due to RSP place in riparian areas. Project construction will occur over 37 days in June and August 2023. September 21, 2022 through October 11, 2022 Susan Stewart
California Department of Transportation
CDOT Highway 1 PM 31.1 -31.6 Elk Creek Bridge Replacement Project (01-0E110)
1B22112WNME MENDOCINO 39.103581°N,
The Project replaces Elk Creek Bridge (No. 10-0120) with a wider, full span, permanent bridge to improve traffic flow in emergencies, widen bridge approaches, upgrade guardrails, and provide safe access for pedestrians and bicyclists. A temporary, one-lane bridge and approaches will be constructed east of the current bridge, then the existing bridge will be demolished, and the new bridge constructed. Permanent impacts to Waters of the state include approximately 0.0015 acre of wetland, 0.034 acre of stream channel, 0.77 acre of riparian impact, and 0.11 acre of stream bank above OHWM. Compensatory on-site mitigation includes 0.0015 acre of wetland creation, 0.034 acre of restored channel, 0.141 acre restored stream bank habitat, and 0.908 acre of riparian vegetation planted onsite. Mitigation will include removal of pier caps and replacing RSP with rootwad revetement on the creek bank, with supplemental mitigation off-site. Project construction is planned from December 2022 to November 2025, with construction work to last approximately 3-years. September 20, 2022 through October 10, 2022 Susan Stewart
Mendocino-Lake Community College Secondary Access Road Project 1B22017WNME Mendocino  39.189290°N, 123.233234°W Project involves constructing a secondary emergency access road to the college that connects to Orr Springs Road. Road will be about 20 feet wide and 4,075 feet long. Road construction will permanently impact 0.05 acre of wetland and 0.02 acre of other waters below an ephemeral drainage. Project expected to begin construction in 2023. Compensatory mitigation would involve 0.17 acre of wetland creation, 0.03 acre of wetland enhancement, and 0.1 acre of riparian enhancement. All mitigation would be permittee responsible on site near the impact area. September 8, 2022 to September 29, 2022 Kaete King kaete.king@waterboards.ca.gov
California Department of Transportation
CDOT Highway 101/Highway 271 PM 63.9 - R104.5 10-Culvert Rehabilitation Project (01-48400)
1B22062WNME MENDOCINO Highway 101
DS-1, PM 63.96;  39.6157°N, 123.4602°W
DS-2, PM 71.64; 39.7156°N, 123.4987°W
DS-3, PM 74.77; 39.7500°N, 123.5334°W
DS-5, PM 76.40; 39.771°N,
DS-6, PM 78.14; 39.7946°N, 123.5426°W
DS-9, PM R101.36; 39.9374°N, 123.7743°W
DS-10, PM R104.46; 39.9748°N, 123.8001°W

Highway 271
DS-8, PM 0.01; 39.8348°N,

DS = Drainage System
The project will reconstruct or rehabilitate cross culverts, inlet structures, outlet structures, and downdrains at 10 locations. Eight of the culverts convey jurisdictional waters. Methods include cut and cover, culvert abandonment and trenchless excavation with a total of approximately 0.244 acres of temporary impacts to wetlands, streams, and riparian areas. Permanent impacts to streams and riparian areas amount to 352.7 linear feet (LF) and 0.0029 acres respectively. Offsets to permanent impacts include upsizing approximately 89 LF, and daylighting 173.5 LF. Willow stakes will be planted along 154 LF where a culvert will be replaced with a rock-lined ditch. Construction will occur over 90 working days between June 15, 2023 and October 15, 2023. September- 6, 2022 through September- 26, 2022 Susan Stewart
Stewart Gravel Bar Mining and Reclamation 1B22086WNME Mendocino 39.705°, -123.328° Wylatti Resource Management, Inc. proposes to extract up to 20,000 cubic yards of gravel annually from approximately 3 acres of the Stewart Gravel Bar. The typical annual extraction area would be approximately 2 acres. Mining would occur only on the dry gravel bar surface during the summer low-flow season and would not take place within the wetted channel. The proposed extraction period would occur between June and October each year.

Work within wetted portions of channel would be limited to installation of a temporary culvert crossing if needed (120 cubic yards) and seasonal drafting of water for dust control during operations. At the end of each extraction season activities would include removal of any remaining temporary gravel stockpiles, finished grading of the gravel bar to meet agency-approved post extraction slopes and bar configuration, installation of storm water control measures, and removal of all work materials and debris.
September 7, 2022 to September 28, 2022 Amanda Piscitelli, amanda.piscitelli@waterboards.ca.gov (707) 445-6126
Arcata City Drainage Maintenance Project 1B22104WNHU Humboldt 40.90348° N, 124.07165° W and 40.85091° N, 124.06946° W This Project would provide drainage ditch maintenance at two locations in the City of Arcata to avoid flooding to businesses, residents, and streets. Activities at Site 1, at Ericson Court, would remove sediment, trash, and non-native vegetation within two parallel ditches. Activities at Site 2, at Old Arcata Road, would also remove debris from an inboard, road ditch and from two culverts within the ditch. Three, undersized, degraded culverts within the ditch would also be replaced with larger-diameter culverts.  Temporary impacts would total 2,538 linear feet (0.09 acres) to ditch/stream channel. Work is expected to take up to four weeks to complete.   September 6, 2022 through September 26, 2022 Shannon Strong shannon.strong@waterboards.ca.gov