Tentative Orders

Items listed here will be moved to the appropriate meeting agenda when it is available. For a list of our current and past agendas.

Items for Upcoming Board Meetings

Reissued Public Notice
Complaint NO. R1-2021-0047
Mark West Quarry, Administrative Civil Liability
Sonoma County

Draft Complaint NO. R1-2021-0047
Hearing Waiver
Fact Sheet
Transmittal Letter
Attachment A

Public Notice
Proposed Waste Discharge Requirements Order No. R1-2021-0021
City of Willits Wastewater Treatment Facility
Mendocino County

Draft Order R1-2021-0021

Public Notice
Amendment Order No. R1-2021-0042
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, Waste Discharge Requirements Order R1-2020-0010
Windsor Water District, Wastewater Treatment, Reclamation, and Disposal Facility

Draft Amendment Order No. R1-2021-0042
Strike-Through Underline
Water Quality Trading Framework

Public Notice
Amendment Order R1-2021-0041
City of Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa Regional Water Reuse System, Laguna Treatment Plant

Draft Revised Order R1-2020-0012
Draft Order R1-2021-0041
Draft Revised Water Quality Trading Framework

Updated Public Notice (06/11/2021)
Public Notice

Proposed Waste Discharge Requirements Order No. R1-2021-0026
Nordic Aquafarms, LLC Recirculating Aquaculture and Fish Processing Facility
Humboldt County

Draft Waste Discharge Requirements No R1-2021-0026