Tentative Orders

Items listed here will be moved to the appropriate meeting agenda when it is available. For a list of our current and past agendas.

Items for Upcoming Board Meetings

Public Notice
Proposed Waste Discharge Requirements Order No. R1-2021-0005
Mendocino County Water Works District No. 2
Anchor Bay Wastewater Treatment Facility

Draft Order R1-2021-0005

Public Notice
Resolution No. R1-2021-0006
Groundwater Basin Evaluation and Prioritization Results
Supporting Salt and Nutrient Management Planning

R1-2021-0006 Staff Report

Public Notice
Order No. R1-2021-0001
Conditional Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements for
Discharges of Wine, Beverage and Food Processor Waste to
Land in the North Coast Region

Proposed Order No. R1-2021-0001
Appendix A R1-2021-0001
Appendix B R1-2021-0001
Appendix C R1-2021-0001