Tentative Orders

Items listed here will be moved to the appropriate meeting agenda when it is available. For a list of our current and past agendas.

Items for Upcoming Board Meetings

Public Hearing
Adoption of Draft Cease and Desist Order No. R1-2021-0027
Dean Soiland doing business as BoDean Co., Inc.
Santa Rosa Hot Plant

Draft Order R1-2021-0027

Second Revised Notice of Public Hearing
Public Notice
Draft Resolution No. R1-2021-0017
The Elk River Restoration Project as an Exception to the Enclosed Bays
and Estuaries Policy Prohibiting Waste Discharges to Humboldt Bay
for the Elk River Wastewater Treatment Plant

Draft Resolution Order No R1-2021-0017

Updated Public Notice (06/11/2021)
Public Notice

Proposed Waste Discharge Requirements Order No. R1-2021-0026
Nordic Aquafarms, LLC Recirculating Aquaculture and Fish Processing Facility
Humboldt County

Draft Waste Discharge Requirements No R1-2021-0026

Public Notice
Draft Waste Discharge Requirements No R1-2021-0015
Barella Family LLC
Roblar Road Quarry

Draft Waste Discharge Requirements No R1-2021-0015