Proposed Contaminated Site Cleanup Decisions

The Regional Water Board is required to provide public notice of certain corrective actions related to cleanups from spills, leaks, and other hazardous substance discharges, including releases from underground storage tanks. Comments regarding a particular notice must be received in writing at the Regional Water Board office no later than thirty calendar days from the date of the individual notice. [note: comments on a proposed action may result in (1) a change to the proposed action, (2) a hearing on the proposed action, or (3) no change to the proposed action. Any hearing or any significant change to the proposed action would result in re-noticing.]

Discharger Description Comment Period Ends
Former Big Oil & Tire Co. Office Case #1THU660 November 19, 2023
Former Beacon #489 Case #1TSO269 October 23, 2023
Humboldt Petroleum Case #1THU269 September 20, 2023
Beacon M&M Case #1TMC227 September 17, 2023

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