Board Meeting Audio for September 2007

Regional Water Quality Control Board
North Coast Region
5550 Skylane Blvd., Suite A

Thursday, September 13, 2007

i. Pledge of Allegiance
ii. Roll Call and Introductions
iii. Board Member Ex Parte Communication Disclosure
(1.5mb, 3 minutes)

iv. Resolution No. R1-2007-0071 In Memoriam - Ranjit Gill
Part 1 (3.2mb, 7 minutes)
Part 2 (1.6mb, 3.5 minutes)
Part 3 (5mb 10.5 minutes)

v. Resolution No. R1-2007-0072 Appointment of Interim Executive Officer (1mb, 2 minutes)

vi. State Board Liaison's, Board Chair's, Board Members' and Executive Officer's Reports (1.5mb 3.5 minutes)

vii. Public Forum (17.3mb, 37 minutes)

Consent Items

2. PUBLIC HEARING Order No. R1-2007-0056, to consider adoption of proposed Water Reclamation Requirements for JDS Uniphase Company. (1.8mb, 4 mins)

Public Hearing

3. PUBLIC HEARING Order No. R1-2007-0007, to consider adoption of proposed Waste Discharge Requirements for City of Fortuna Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant.(26.2mb, 56 minutes)

4. PUBLIC HEARING Order No. R1-2007-0054, to consider adoption of an Administrative Civil Liability order for the Occidental County Sanitation District. (15.5.mb, 33.5 minutes)


5. CONSIDER Resolution No. R1-2007-0073, for adoption supporting the use of recycled water for irrigation in the North Coast Region. (29.3mb, 62 minutes)

Information Items

6. Executive Officer’s Report
7. Consider direction to staff to seek funding for satellite offices in Yreka and Eureka
(5mb, 11 minutes)

8. Board Member Requests for Future Agenda Items
9. Other Items of Interest
(7mb, 15 minutes)