Board Meeting Audio for November 2006

Wednesday, 9:30 a.m., November 29, 2006
Regional Water Board
5550 Skylane Blvd., Suite A

i. Pledge of Allegiance
ii. Roll Call and Introductions
(2 minutes , 1mb)
iii. Board Member Ex Parte Communication Disclosure (2 minutes, 800k)
iv. Resolution No. R1-2006-0072, Expressing Appreciation to Teejay Lowe
v. Resolution No. R1-2006-0099, Expressing Appreciation to Sheryl L. Schaffner, Esq (3 minutes, 1.3MB)
vi. State Board Liaison's, Board Chair's, Board Members' and Executive Officer's Reports (15 seconds, .122kb)
vii. Public Forum

Item 1. Approval of Meeting Minutes: September 2006 (30 seconds, 245kb)
Item 2. Regional Water Board 2007 Meeting Schedule (3 minutes, 1.5mb)
Item 3. Status on Strategic Planning (56 minutes, 26mb)

Consent Items

Item 4. Order No. R1-2006-0100 Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs) for Optical Coating Laboratories
Item 5. Order No. R1-2006-0107 General Waste Discharge Requirements for discharges resulting from the addition of chemical oxidants to soils and/or groundwater
Item 6. Order R1-2006-0105 Waste Discharge Requirements for In-situ Treatment of Contaminated Soil for Ecodyne Corporation.
Item 7. Order No. R1-2006-0085 Waste Discharge Requirements Order For Klamath Ranch Resort and Blue Heron RV Park Wastewater Treatment Facility
Item 8. Order No. R1-2006-0021 Waste Discharge Requirements for City of Rio Dell Wastewater Treatment Facility NPDES Permit
(2 minutes, 1mb)

Public Hearings

Item 9. PUBLIC HEARING to consider Order No. R1-2006-0109, adoption of Cease and Desist Order
revising the Compliance Schedule in Cease and Desist Order No. R1-2005-0087 and allow minimal
connections to the City of Ferndale Wastewater Treatment Facility
(5 minutes, 2.2mb)

Item 10. PUBLIC HEARING to consider Order No. R1-2006-0108 adoption of Cease and Desist Order
revising the Compliance Schedule in Cease and Desist Order No. R1-2004-0095 and allow
minimal connections to the City of Willits Wastewater Treatment Facility
(2.5 minutes, 1.1mb)

Status Reports

Item 11. Klamath Basin TMDLs and Related Issues Update
11.1 Status of Klamath River TMDL Development
(20 minutes, 9.5mb)
11.2 Klamath Fish Kills and Disease
(31 minutes, 14.5mb)
11.3 Klamath Blue Green Algae
(24 minutes, 11.2mb)
11.3 Public Comment
(5.5 minutes, 2.6mb)
11.4 Update on Scott and Shasta River TMDL Implementation Work Plans (17 minutes, 8mb)

Item 12. Update on funding for the North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Step 2 Implementation Grants
Petition for Reconsideration
(51 minues, 24mb)

Item 13. Petition for Reconsideration of Monitoring and Reporting Program Order No. R1-2006-0103,
issued by the Executive Officer pursuant to Watershed-wide Waste Discharge Requirements for
Timber Harvest Plan Activities Conducted by the Pacific Lumber Company et al. in the Elk
River and Freshwater Creek watersheds.
(90 minues, 42mb)

Information Items

Item 15. Executive Officer Administrative Civil Liabilities
Item 16. Board Member Requests for Future Agenda Items
Item 17. Monthly Report to the Board
Item 18. Other Items of Interest
(56 minutes, 26mb)