Board Meetings Audio Files for December 2007

9:00 A.M., Thursday, December 6, 2007
Wharfinger Building
1 Marina Way
Eureka, California


9:00 a.m.

  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Roll Call and Introductions
  3. Board Member Ex Parte Communication Disclosure - Board Members will identify any discussions they may have had requiring disclosure pursuant to Government Code section 11430.50.
  4. State Board Liaison's, Board Chair's, Board Members' and Executive Officer's Reports: These items are for Board discussion only.  No public testimony will be allowed, and the Board will take no formal action.
    Audio file for items i thru vi - mp3
  5. Public Forum  –  Time will be reserved for the general public to address the Board on any matter within the Board’s jurisdiction, excluding those items on the agenda.  The Board Chair may limit the public forum to thirty (30) minutes initially, and continue any remaining appearances beyond the thirty (30) minutes at the end of the regularly scheduled business of the day.  The Board Chair requests that each person addressing the Board limit their presentation to three (3) minutes.
    Audio file for Public forum - mp3
  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes:  October 2007

  2. Regional Water Board 2008 Meeting Schedule (Robert Klamt)

Consent Item

  1. Order No. R1-2007-0093, to consider adoption of Administrative Civil Liability City of Willits Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF), WDID No. 1B80078OMEN (Nancy Negley)
    Audio file for Item 3 - mp3


  1. Consideration of Resolution No. R1-2007-0095 for adoption, directing staff to execute the sediment control tasks described in the Work Plan to Control Excess Sediment in Sediment-Impaired Watersheds. The Regional Water Board will hear public comments on this item.  (Rebecca Fitzgerald)
    Audio file for Item 4 - mp3

Public Hearing

  1. PUBLIC HEARING Order No. R1-2007-0098, to consider Policy for Waiving Waste Discharge Requirements for Specific Categories of Waste Discharge Requirements (Diana Henrioulle)
    Audio file for Item 5 - mp3

Action Item

  1. Board Subcommittee Report – Seeking direction on further development of the Proposed Basin Plan amendment on “Measures to Control Excess Sediment” (Holly Lundborg)
    Audio file for Item 6 - mp3

Information Items

  1. Status Report on Compliance with Cease and Desist Orders issued in the Eel River Basin (Lisa Bernard)
    1. City of Willits
    2. Garberville Community Services District
    3. Pacific Lumber Company, Town of Scotia
    4. City of Rio Dell
    5. Loleta Community Services District
    6. City of Ferndale
    Audio file for Item 7 - mp3
  1. Executive Officer’s Report (Robert Klamt)
  1. Other Items of Interest (Robert Klamt)
    Audio file for Items 8 and 9 - mp3