MTBE Quarterly Reporting

The posted quarterly reports list discharges of MTBE (methyl tertiary-butyl ether) and locations where MTBE was detected in either groundwater or surface waters.  The reports are organized by county and include the name and address of the site.  The column entitled “MTBE Detection” contains the date of the reported detection of MTBE and the column entitled “GW Conc ppb” contains the maximum concentration (in parts per billion) of MTBE detected on that corresponding date.

This report contains the complete list of MTBE discharge sites that are known to the Regional Water Board.  Please be advised that this report only contains information that we are aware of, and that is currently in our database.  There is a possibility that a site with an MTBE discharge and/or groundwater detection may not be listed in this report.

Subsequent reporting can be found on the State Water Resources Control Board’s GeoTracker website at the following link:


BML    Beth Lamb
BAR    Bonnie Rolandelli
CHH    Colleen Hunt
CSH    Craig Hunt
CWS    Christine Wright-Shacklett
CW     Caryn Woodhouse
DSE    Dave Evans
DWP    Dave Parson
JEF    Joan Fleck
JMG    Janice Goebel
JBL    Jo Bentz
JAT    Jim Tischler
KSA    Kasey Ashley


HAZ  Sonoma County Local Over-Sight Program
HUM  Humboldt County Local Over-Sight Program