North Coast Regional Water Board Program for Discharges of Waste Associated with the Production of Lily Bulbs

Regional Water Board staff is currently working on an approach to address discharges of waste associated with the cultivation and production of lily bulbs.  In order to inform this process and better understand water quality conditions, Regional Water Board staff have collected surface water and sediment samples in Smith River tributary creeks, and groundwater samples in the Smith River Plain.  Samples were analyzed for dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, conductivity, nutrients, metals, pesticides, toxicity, and other constituents.

Monitoring Program Reports for the Smith River Plain

From 2013-2017, the Regional Water Board staff collected surface water, streambed sediment, and groundwater samples in the Smith River Plain in order to better understand water quality conditions related to Easter lily bulb production.  Two interim reports were released in November 2015; one documenting the surface water sampling and the other documenting the groundwater sampling.  In 2018, Regional Water Board staff updated the November 2015 Surface Water and Sediment Interim Monitoring Report to include additional information and data collected in 2015.  The January 2018 final report and the interim reports are available at the links below.

Surface Water Reports

Groundwater Reports

May 26, 2015 Del Norte County Board of Supervisors Meeting

January 29, 2015 Regional Water Board Meeting, Santa Rosa

Contact Information

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Lily Bulb Cultivation Advisory Group:
A list of members of the Lily Bulb Cultivation Advisory Group is provided in the link below.  Members of the public may contact Advisory Group members that represent their interests to provide input into the permit development process.  Please contact Regional Water Board staff to obtain contact information for Advisory Group members. 

Water Board Contacts: If you have questions about the Agriculture Program, please contact:

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