San Diego Region - Certified Projects (401 Certifications - 2009)

Date of Action
Certification Number



Jamacha Boulevard Road Widening Project, 12/3120/09, County of San Diego. The proposed project would widen an approximately one mile reach of Jamacha Blvd from two lanes to four lanes. The reach of Jamacha Blvd to be widened is between Omega Street and Spring Glen Lane and adjacent to Hansen Creek


Del Obispo Street Bicycle lane Improvement Project, 12/28/2009, City of San Juan Capistrano. The proposed project is the widening of the existing bridge, abutments, and pier supports to provide for westbound, dual, left-turn lanes, restriping, re-signalizing two intersections, and adding a bike lane on the north side of the street.


Oak County II Trails Project, 12/28/2009, County of San Diego. Phase I - Installation of a single culvert within disturbed footprint of existing ranch road. To include placement of a 12" metal culvert pipe covered with 1" light class aggregate and geofilter fabric. This will be topped with native soil and riprap. Phase II - New 4' wide trail construction including vegetative clearing/tamping.

Amendment 1

Bridge 243.0 Retrofit Project, 12/28/2009, North County Transit District. Amendment to the Certification to revise the turbidity monitoring requirements.


Ivy Street Bridge Replacement Project, 12/28/2009, City of Murrieta. The proposed project is the replacement of the existing two-lane dip-crossing on Ivy Street with a five-span, cast-in-place bridge structure that would carry one lane of traffic across Murrieta Creek in each direction.


El Camino Real Widening Project, 12/17/2009, City of Carlsbad. The proposed project involves the expansion of a section of El Camino Real from four lanes to six lanes.


Bridge 243.0 Retrofit, 12/08/2009, North County Transit District. The project proposes to retrofit (for structural stability) portions of Bridge 243.0 prior to Southern California Edison’s proposed channel dredging project that is part of the San Dieguito Lagoon Restoration project.


I-5/Camino Capistrano Interchange Improvements Project, 12/07/2009, Caltrans, District 12. The proposed project is the addition of an auxiliary lane, leading to the southbound Camino Capistrano off-ramp, which will require widening the bridge over San Juan Creek. The 3 pier foundation will be extended on the down stream side.


ETS 7451 Reinforce Existing Overhead Facilities, Del Dios, 12/02/2009, SDG&E. The proposed project is the replacement of an existing wood pole with a taller 50-foot wood pole and installment of an anchor below ground with a 25-foot guy wire to the south and replacing an existing anchor to the southwest. The project would include lowering crossarms on cable pole P190313, lowering arms and installing a new anchor on P510938, and installing aviation spheres on line from P510937 northwest to P510938 (2 pole spans). The project site is located approximately 0.75 mile southwest of Olivenhain Dam off of Via Ambiente near Del Dios Highway in Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego County, California.


Pier 6 maintenance Dredging Project, 11/30/2009, Continental Maritime, Inc. The proposed project is the dredging of up to 10,000 cu yds from one area on pier 6 to a depth of -36ft MLLW with 2ft overdredge allowance. Material will be directly loaded onto a contained area of the pier where it will be dewatered. Once dewatered, it will be transferred to trucks for upland disposal at Otay Landfill.


San Juan Creek Bike Trail at Pacific Coast Highway, 11/30/2009, County of Orange. The project is to repair and elevate an existing bicycle path adjacent to San Juan Creek at Pacific Coast Highway. The project will replace, in kind, the existing bike path. The bike path will be elevated and the wooden retaining wall replaced with a concrete wall to prevent future flooding during periods of elevated lagoon levels. All permanent impacts are for bicycle path and wall replacement and repairs. No additional permanent impacts are authorized by this Certification


North Torrey Pines Bridge Seismic Retrofit, 11/25/2009, City of Del Mar. The proposed project is seismic retrofitting, which would include a combination of repair work and retrofitting of existing substructure elements, and a complete replacement of the bridge superstructure and railings. No permanent impacts will occur to jurisdictional waters as a result of the proposed project. Temporary impacts would occur to waters as a result of construction operations; specifically, the formation of a crane pad and the placement of a temporary culvert. The project is located approximately 150 feet south of the intersection of North Torrey Pines Road and Carmel Valley Road, within the cities of Del Mar and San Diego.


Ramona Branch Library, 11/23/2009, County of San Diego. The proposed project is the development of a 7.2 acre site in the downtown area of Ramona including a 20,000 square foot library building and an associated parking lot. The proposed project will permanently impact 5 vernal pools totaling 0.013 acre.


North Broadway Basin CIP (STM-354) Project, 11/17/2009, City of Chula Vista. The project involves the installation of a new biofilter system. In order to meet design criteria, the existing head wall, 30" RCO pipe, and energy dissipater must be removed and a new 48" RCP pipe, headwall, and riprap energy dissipater will be installed.


Summit Drive Drainage Improvements, 10/28/2009, County of San Diego. Replacement and improvement of the drainage facilities at the intersection of Summit Drive and Summit Place to accommodate 100-year storm flows.


Tijuana River Valley Emergency Channel, 10/19/2009, City of San Diego. The project proposes one time, emergency actions that include dredging 5,400 linear feet of the Tijuana River pilot Channel and 1,600 linear feet of Smuggler’s Gulch, performing maintenance on a gabion rock mattress, access routes, and an erodible berm that runs along the north bank of the Pilot Channel, and also performing manual vegetation removal along the Northern Channel.

Amendment 1

Aliso Creek Outlet Maintenance Program, 10/19/2009, County of Orange. Amendment to the Certification in response to continued violations of the Certification.


Water Quality Treatment Protection (JO1P28), 10/15/2009, County of Orange. The project will replace an existing rip rap dissipation pad for the water treatment facility and utilize an excavator to retrieve rip rap that has washed out downstream during storm events. Additional rock will be placed at the pad location to prevent future wash-outs from storm events.


Black Canyon Road Bridge Replacement, 10/13/2009, County of San Diego. Amendment to the Certification to extend the mitigation installation deadline and to incorporate a new Conceptual Mitigation Plan.

Amendment 1

State Route 905 (SR-905) Extension Project, 10/05/2009, Caltrans, District 11. Amendment to the Certification to allow permanent impacts to an additional 0.011 acre of vernal pool habitat and 0.19 acre of its contributing watershed due to the construction of a temporary haul road.


San Diego Yacht Club Repair, 10/01/2009, San Diego Yacht Club. The project includes encasing the existing steel sheet piling with concrete and also encasing 8 existing steel H-piles (full height) supporting the Clubhouse deck.


The project is to install a mooring dolphin to enhance mooring capacity at the end of Pier 3 on the BAE Systems ship repair facility in San Diego Bay, San Diego. Construction of the dolphin includes installation of 8 hexagonal bearing piles, 16 H-piles, timber whalers, rubber fender spacers and a 'IQ'xlO' concrete deck.

Amendment 1

SDG&E Access Road Repairs TM 3010, Torrey Pines, California, 09/21/2009, SDG&E. Amendment to correct the impact and mitigation numbers, and clarify the mitigation responsibilities.


Encinas Creek Bridge Replacement, 09/17/2009, City of Carlbad. The City proposes to install a prefabricated arch concrete bridge structure in place of the existing concrete bridge. Similar to the existing bridge, the new bridge would be a culvert style bridge with a concrete base that would be covered with sand and cobble over time. The proposed new structure would be approximately 26 feet and 2 inches narrower than the existing bridge. This proposed reduction in width is because the bridge is currently oversized. In addition, to minimize the construction impacts on the west side, the wingwalls would be placed parallel to the roadway.

Amendment 1

East Tecolote Pipe Encasement Protection Project, 09/15/2009, City of San Diego. Amendment to replace a map of the establishment mitigation area dated Septemeber 13, 2005 with a modified map, dated February 9, 2009.


Stevens Creek Channel Maintenance, 09/14/2009, 22nd District Agricultural Association. Activities will include maintenance of 1,150 linear feet of stream, which will be triggered by visual observation of the channel, and conducted on an as needed basis throughout the 5-year duration of the certification.

Amendment 1

Seraphina Road Residential Development Project, 09/14/2009, KB Home Coastal, Inc. Amendment to reflect proposed changes to the Project’s mitigation plan.

Amendment 1

Seraphina Road Residential Development Project, 09/14/2009, KB Home Coastal, Inc. Amendment to reflect proposed changes to the Project’s mitigation plan.


Fender Pile Replacement Navy Pier 11A, 09/10/2009, San Diego Unified Port District. The project is to install 20 fender piles to protect the pier from damage that can be caused by large cruise ships on Navy Pier 11A in San Diego. It involves placing groups of 5 piles in 4 different locations along the pier face. The pile groupings will be spaced 125 feet apart and the individual piles will be installed a minimum of 12 inches apart.


East Tecolote Pipe Encasement Protection Project, 09/03/2009, City of San Diego. The proposed work includes the placement of gabion walls, mattresses, and rip rap at the various exposed pipe encasements (Areas A, B, and C). The Area A design proposes to protect the pipe by placing a 3’ x 3’ x 9’ gabion basket along the north side of the pipe and within the creek. Area B and Area C would each be protected by the placement of rip rap upstream of the exposed pipe and by 2 gabion mattresses (18’ x 6’ x 6’) downstream of the pipe. An approximately 100 foot long segment of access path would be realigned away from the creek where the existing path has narrowed due to erosion of the bank, just west of Area C.

Amendment 1

Golden City Physician's Hospital and Tentative Parcel Map 35011 Project, 08/31/2009, SCC/Murrieta, LLC, Physician’s Hospital of Murrieta, LLC, Health Care REIT, Inc. Amendment to include proposed changes to the Project’s mitigation, a deletion of a Certification Condition, and an extension in the period in which mitigation must be constructed.


Horno Basin Water Quality Basin and Forebay Project, 08/28/2009, Rancho Mission Viejo. The project is for the maintenance dredging of the Horno water quality basin and forebay via the removal of accumulated sediments following storm events and the removal of woody, non-native and/or invasive vegetation or removal of cattails and bulrush when they exhibit potential harmful effects by allowing production of mosquitoes. When feasible, vegetation shall be removed by non-mechanized means.


BAE Systems Pier 3 Fender Pile Backing Project, 08/28/2009, BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair Inc. The proposed project is the installation of 16 fender piles at 8 locations on Pier 3 at the BAE Systems ship repair yard to support 8 steel backing plates and fender cushions.


Mission Center Canyon B Sewer Access Path Project, 08/20/2009, City of San Diego. The proposed project includes the creation of an unpaved path and two small stream crossings that will use pervious Arizona pavers to provide access to sewer line segments that occur within Murray Canyon.


Group Job 665 Project, 08/20/2009, City of San Diego. The proposed project consists of replacement and rehabilitation of sewer lines in the Old Town/Mission Hills area within the City of San Diego. The project will replace and rehabilitate sections of the sewer lines that run through Presidio park, Trias, and Heritage park Canyons.


Manhole 88 Repair at Encanto Creek, 08/19/2009, City of San Diego. The proposed project consists of repairing a sewer manhole within the City of San Diego. The project will raise manhole 88 above the surface. Currently it is below grade. This will limit the amount of water infiltration into the manhole and allow for regular maintenance and cleaning of the sewer line.


Tijuana Estuary Sediment Fate and Transport Study, 08/17/2009, City of San Diego. Amendment to the Certification to change the final date for sediment placement from March 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009.


The El Camino Detention Basin Project was certified on 08/06/2009 for the City of Oceanside. The project involves the construction of a masonry wall detention structure, including the construction of a trench for wall footing and two concrete outfall structures within the Loma Alta Creek.


Sewer Forcemain Replacement Project, 08/05/2009, 22nd District Agricultural Association. Amendment to the Certification to allow removal of the now non-operational forcemain to facilitate dredging required for the San Dieguito Wetlands Restoration Project (04C-113).


Kellogg Beach Sand Replenishment Project, 08/03/2009, Unified Post of San Diego. The project proposes one-time beach replenishment at Kellogg Beach located along the west side of San Diego bay with 1,000 cubic yards of sand.


Mt. Ashmun Pipe Protection Project, 07/23/2009, City of San Diego. The proposed project includes encasement of a PVC sewer pipe in concrete, the removal of previously installed gabion baskets surrounding the pipe, and the placement of rip rap within the channel to slow storm water velocities.

Amendment 1

Concrete Flood Control Channel Maintenance and Cleaning Project, 07/16/2009, City of Poway. Amend the existing Certification to include two additional channels to the authorized maintenance list, Bounty Way Channel and Poway Channel.


State Route 76 – Via Monserate Culvert Replacement, 07/16/2009, California Department of Transportation – District 11. The project proposes to remove an existing 18” cross culvert, which conveys flows from an unnamed stream across State Route 76 to the San Luis Rey River, and replace it with a 36” x 90” reinforced concrete pipe to improve capacity and reduce or eliminate flooding.

Amendment 1

Impact changes are requested due to changes in the culvert crossing design requirements from the County of Riverside and City of Murrieta. Mitigation for the additional impacts, as well as punitive mitigation for the delayed implementation of the original mitigation site, has been proposed as follows:
1. Creation of 0.30 acre within lot 243, an upstream tributary of the impact site, and
2. Purchase of 0.618 acre of enhancement credit from the local Conservation District.


Alvarado Court Sewer Pipe Crossing Accelerated Project, 07/09/2009, City of San Diego. The proposed project consists of replacing approximately 741 linear feet of sewer mains and abandoning the existing sewer mains in place; rehabilitating, abandoning, and replacing sewer manholes; and removal of approximately 30 linear feet of an existing 8” cast iron pipe that will be replaced by a suspended steel bridge.


San Luis Rey River Trail Extension and Sewer Access Road Improvement Project, 070/8/2009, City of Oceanside – Engineering Division. The proposed project is the extension of the San Luis Rey River Trail from the Andrew Jackson/Polk Street intersection to a future trail staging area at mission Avenue near the North Santa Fe Drive intersection. The asphalt-paved trail will also provide vehicular access to the nearby sewer line for inspections and maintenance. The project will also remove and reconstruct 5 culverts.


ADLAI ROAD/SWAIM TM 5356, 07/08/2009, RDWS LTD. The proposed project is the subdivision of 4.54 acres into 9 lots for single family residences including an open space easement. The project will impact 0.02 acres (230 linear feet) of ephemeral stream, which will be mitigated by on-site establishment of 0.05 acres (620 feet) of ephemeral streams.


Emergency Outfall Stabilization at McCall Street, 07/02/2009, San Diego Unified Port District. The project proposes to stabilize the sand and the immediate area surrounding a 24” storm drain outfall along the beach at the foot of McCall Street in San Diego. The project will excavate a 10’x10’x4’ area of sand around the storm drain until the invert elevations of the pipe is exposed and an additional 2 ft underneath. The excavated area will be filled with approx. 180 cubic ft of rocks at the outfall and immediate area, and then backfilled with the excavated sand. A surrounded chain link fence will also be removed and replaced.


Existing poles will be cut at ground level. New holes approx. 8 feet deep will be dug with a shovel directly adjacent to the existing pole locations, and new poles will be installed. A helicopter will be used to remove the existing poles and set the new poles.

Amendment 1

Amendment to the Certification to allow for proposed changes to the project’s mitigation and final plan submittal requirements.


The 60th Street Sewer Replacement Project for San Diego City Metropolitan Wastewater Dept. was certified on 06/19/2009. The project consists of relocation and replacement of sewer lines in an unnamed canyon west of 60th Street in the City of San Diego. The unnamed canyon is bound by 60th Street to the east, 59th Street to the west, Baja Drive to the north and Adams Avenue to the south.


Amendment to Certification condition C.3.c. to correct a typo. Instead of 5,000 yards, the condition should read 500 yards.

Amendment 1
The Vail Lake Transmission Main and Pump Station Project was originally certified for the Rancho California Water District on 02/02/2009. Amendment 1 was issued on 05/18/2009.

The applicant proposes to construct a driveway crossing over an existing blueline stream in order to develop Tentative Parcel Map 33488. The Project would require the placement of a culvert with two 36 inch reinforced concrete pipes and ¼ ton of associated rip rap. The Project would result in permanent impacts from the culvert placement.


The proposed project is the development of a 2,880-bed correctional facility in two 1,440-bed phases along Alta Road.


Realignment and widening of the existing 2-lane highway to 4 lanes with right-of-way and grading to accommodate future widening. Bicycles and pedestrians would also be provided for in the outside shoulders.


The applicant proposes to construct a siding train track north of the Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo Metrolink Station and a turnback train track between the station and north of the Rancho Capistrano and Camino Capistrano intersection. The project would require the replacement of existing concrete training walls within Oso Creek and the expansion of a box culvert within an unnamed tributary. The project would result in permanent impacts from the box culvert expansion, and temporary impacts from the training wall replacement.

Amendment 1

The Solana Beach Opportunistic Beach Restoration Program was originally certified for the City of Solana Beach on 3/4/2009. Amendment 1 was issued on 04/22/2009.


City of Poway Concrete Channel Maintenance and Cleaning. The proposed amendment is the addition of two channels to Water Quality Certification 07C-068. The two channels are Bounty Way Channel and Poway Royal Channels.


The proposed project is the subdivision of 22-acres into ten residential lots ranging in size from 2.0 to 2.7 acres. Three ephemeral streams will be impacted by grading and the installation of five culverts for future driveways.


Retrofit by installing a Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) liner inside the 4.524-foot length of pipe between Manholes 31 and 35A.


The proposed project will involve the installation of an 8-inch, 343 foot long sewer pipeline across an existing drainage. The proposed pipeline will be protected by a 24" steel casing in areas where the pipelines spans the drainage. A 40 foot long, and 15 foot piece of Armorflex will be installed below the ordinary high water mark for erosion protection.


The proposed project is the recurring removal of debris, sediment, and vegetation (native and mostly exotic) by hand and equipment within and around drainage structures at 33 sites throughout the City of Vista. Only sediment within the first 20 feet of the structure will be removed. Stream channel width will not be increased as a result of sediment removal, and channel elevations will not be altered beyond that which restores the original functioning system.

Amendment 1

The project is the extension of the North County Transit District railway passing track within the City of Oceanside. The project site is located approximately 3/4 mile west of I-5, bounded by Oceanside Boulevard on the north, by South Myers Street on the West, and by South Cleveland Street and Broadway on the east. The railway is being expanded to accommodate increasing train traffic.


It involves the installation and repair of various utility lines under and penetrating through the pier dock; the installation of an escalator pit; the encasement of concrete beams below the deck and pit; concrete encasement under the deck; and the installation of seismic joints and 24 concrete pile caps


The applicant proposes to restore no less than 1,045 linear feet of jurisdictional drainage on-site pursuant to Resolution No. R9-2007-0010 for Cleanup and Abatement Order No. R9-2005-0259. Additionally, the applicant proposes to develop the impacted parcel where the restoration will occur. The proposed development project consists of a 8.2 acre commercial retail center and 5.0 acre residential center on the existing 13.2 acre parcel. The restoration will occur between the proposed commercial and residential areas.


Dredging of 10,000 cubic yards of sediment and removal of 22 linear feet of existing north breakwater to allow mega yachts to use the facility. The dredged material will be disposed at Otay Landfill.


The project proposes to place a maximum of 150,000 cubic yards per year (for five years) of beach-quality sand from upland or dredging projects on Fletcher Cove Park in the City of Solana Beach. The material will include up to 25,000 cubic yards per year of fine-grained sediment (11% - 25%) between September and February. The material placed on the beach will provide erosion control, recreational benefits, and habitat enhancement.


The project is to replace and improve a drainage facility to increase the capacity for a 100 year flood, which includes installing a 6x3 foot double box culvert that is approximately 127 feet in length at the intersection of Tavern Road and Arnold Way in Alpine.

Amendment 2

The California Regional Water Quality Control Board San Diego Region (Regional Board) is amending the Shaw Lorenz project 401 Water Quality Certification (Certification No. 04C-152). This amendment has been requested by Pardee Homes to request a modification in the types of post-construction BMPs.


The Olive Vista Drive project for San Diego County Public Works was certified on 02/10/2009.  The project proposed to widen Olive Vista Drive and Jefferson Road. There are three main components to the project: (1) minor widening to accommodate bicycle lanes and a walkway along Olive Vista Drive and Jefferson Road; (2) storm drainage improvements along Olive Vista Drive and Jefferson Road, and (3) repaying of existing driveways fronting Olive Vista Drive and driveways fronting Jefferson Road.


This 5 year Programmatic Certification will cover like-for-like repairs and maintenance of aging infrastructure on the San Clemente Pier. Repairs and replacement are required due to continual deterioration of infrastructure due to storms and the corrosive marine environment. Repairs and like-for-like replacement of pier piles, pile wraps, pile caps and protective coatings are required to ensure public safety.


Interstate 8/Greenfield Auxiliary Lane, Certification 2/4/2009, The proposed project involves the construction of an eastbound auxiliary lane on I-8, installation of seven new and replaced drainage structures added to the flow of Forester Creek, the removal of the Gape Street Pedestrian Bridges, and the widening of East Main Street and Broadway Bridges.


The project includes the extension of a raw water conveyance system from the Valle de Los Caballos recharge basins to Vail Lake. Approximately 14,000 feet of buried 48-inch transmission pipeline will be constructed through Pauba Canyon from the recharge basins to the downstream face of Vail Dam. The pump station will be constructed in the easterly portion of an existing recharge basin. The project also includes installation of a stream outlet assembly within Pauba Canyon to allow release of water into Temecula Creek, scour protection, a new flow meter on the 48-inch line immediately downstream of Vail Dam and replacement of an existing 24-inch flow meter on an existing outlet immediately downstream of Vail Dam.


The proposed project is the construction of 44,000-feet2 of retail shops and two separate buildings for restaurants. An existing 255-feet by 21-feet concrete trapezoidal channel will be removed and replaced with a 6-feet by 6-feet concrete box culvert that is approximately the same length. The purpose of the project is to provide additional shopping and restaurants in the City of Carlsbad.


La Posta Drainage Improvements for the Ca. Dept. of Transportation, District 11, was certified on 02/02/2009. The project proposes to place 0.04 acres of rip-rap in drainage to upgrade the existing rip-rap, and to remove a portion of an existing culvert for erosion control.


Yacht Harbor maintenance dredging for Southwestern Yacht Club was certified on 01/22/2009. The proposed project involves a hydraulic dredge with 10-inch discharge pipe moving 4,500 cubic yards of sediment from the dredge area to the adjacent beach area.


The project proposes to modify the existing interchange from a diamond configuration to a partial cloverleaf configuration by adding northbound and southbound loop on-ramps in the northwest and southeast quadrants. The existing two-lane overcrossing would be removed and replaced with a six-lane overcrossing. The remaining existing ramps would be reconstructed to accommodate these two new loop ramps.


The Crescent Heights Project for Pardee Homes - Valencia Regional Office was certified on 01/07/2009. The project consists of the construction of 113 single-family residences, 129 condominium units in 15 buildings, and associated infrastructure.