Tentative Orders, Permits, Complaints and Resolutions

Description Documents / Dates / Deadlines
Draft Order No. R3-2019-0008 for Master Reclamation Requirements Discharges for Davenport County Sanitation District Water Reclamation Facility, Santa Cruz County
Public Notice and Draft Order No. R3-2019-0042 for Discharges from Mission Hills Community Services District Wastewater Treatment Plant

Public Comments Due by: March 11, 2019

Public Notice and Draft Update of Order No. R3-2014-0050 for Cambria Community Services Districts Emergency Water Supply Facility

Public Comments Due by: March 10, 2019

Public Notice for Draft Time Schedule Order No. R3-2019-0005 for the City of Santa Cruz Wastewater Treatment Facility

Public Comments Due by February 22, 2019