Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board News

Central Coast Water Board confidence in Montecito Sanitary District

October 9, 2018 - The Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board issued a letter today expressing confidence in water quality protections provided by the Montecito Sanitary District’s wastewater treatment plant. The Central Coast Water Board’s executive officer, John Robertson, said, “the District is appropriately funded and capitalized, has a dedicated, professional, and capable staff, and operates the wastewater plant in conformance with all state and federal water quality requirements with no negative effects on beach water quality.”

Mischaracterizations and inaccuracies contained in political campaign material and reported in local media compelled us to issue this letter clarifying our position.

Learn more about the Clean Beaches Initiative

The CBI Grant Program has provided funding for projects that restored and protected the water quality and the environment of coastal waters, estuaries, bays, and near shore waters. The CBI Grant Program was initiated in response to the poor water quality and significant exceedances of bacterial indicators revealed by Assembly Bill (AB) 411 (Stats. 1997, Ch. 765) monitoring at California's beaches. Scientific studies have shown high bacteria levels are associated with pathogens that can cause gastroenteritis, infections, and respiratory illness. The CBI Program has provided approximately $100 million for implementation and research projects.

State Water Board to Fund Pacific Grove Water Quality Project

May 29, 2014 - A project to improve water quality at Lovers Point beach at Pacific Grove in Monterey County has received funding approval from the State Water Resources Control Board’s Division of Financial Assistance.