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Welcome to the Financial Assistance (Grants and Loans) Program Website for the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (Central Coast Water Board).

Proposition 1 authorized over 7.5 billion dollars for water projects with the passage of the Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act in November of 2014. 

SWRCB will administer Prop 1 funds for five programs - Water Recycling, Stormwater, Wastewater, Drinking Water, and Groundwater Sustainability. See Funding Information.

Central Coast Water Board Vision and Priorities

The Central Coast Water Board’s Vision of Healthy Functioning Watersheds promotes healthy aquatic habitat, clean groundwater and proper land management.  The Central Coast Water Board encourages local agencies and organizations to promote healthy watersheds through grant funding opportunities that focus on the Central Coast Coast Water Boards.

The Central Coast Water Board identified the highest priorities for external projects as Low Impact Development (LID), Irrigation and Nutrient Management, Groundwater Recharge Area Protection, and Riparian Buffer Zone Designation and Protection.  Our "Priorities for External Projects" (hot link) summarizes these priorities, including the scope, scale, and key project elements.  Equally important is our focus on project performance and funding accountability. Priorities for External Projects

Program Background

The Central Coast Water Board's Grants Program provides administrative and technical oversight for grant projects being implemented in the Central Coast Region. The specific goals of the Grants Program are to:

  • Facilitate the successful implementation of grant projects that address the Central Coast Water Board’s Vision measurable goals and water quality priorities
  • Integrate grant project data and products into Central Coast Water Board Programs
  • Provide easy access to grant information to Central Coast Water Board stakeholders (public outreach).

Grant Projects

Currently, Regional Board staff manages ten 319h, Prop 50, and Prop 84 grant-funded projects that are being implemented in the Central Coast Region totaling more than $6 Million. State Board and Department of Resources staff also manage numerous additional projects via the Stormwater and IRWM Programs as well. These grant projects are located throughout the Central Coast Region and address Watershed Protection, Water Management, Agricultural Water Quality, Drinking Water, Urban Storm Water, and Non-Point Source Pollution Control.

The Grants Reporting and Tracking System (GRTS) is the primary tool for management and oversight of the EPA’s Nonpoint Source (NPS) Pollution Control Program Clean Water Act Section 319(h) projects.

The Bond Accountability website provides a search tool for bond-funded projects, such as Proposition 84 IRWM and SWGP projects.  

The Central Coast Conservation Action Tracker (CCAT) website is a new web-based tool for entering and reviewing information related to conservation projects on the Central Coast. provides a centralized location for grant seekers to find and apply for federal funding opportunities.

  • Inventory of Open Grant Projects in the Central Coast Region
  • Inventory of Completed Grants in the Central Coast Region
  • PG&E Settlement funded projects:  Water Board staff manages PG&E Settlement funded projects that demonstrate the ability to reduce contributions of sediment, nutrients, pesticides and/or other pollutants, on Elkhorn Slough or Moss Landing Harbor and watersheds tributary to the Slough and Harbor, including the Salinas River, Moro Cojo Slough and Tembladero Slough.  List of selected projects that demonstrate the effectiveness of management measures implemented on Irrigated Agricultural Lands.

    Technical Assistance is available for Limited-Resource Growers in the Greater Salinas Valley Region to Implement Water Quality Improvement Practices in Accordance with the current Agricultural Order Requirements.  This project will provide technical assistance to limited-resource growers in the Greater Salinas Valley to implement water quality improvement practices in accordance with the current Agricultural Order. It will also provide funding for technical assistance and develop a long-term program for disadvantaged growers in the Lower Salinas, Bolsa Nueva, and Elkhorn Slough areas/watersheds. The assistance will be to comply with groundwater well testing protocols, backflow prevention, practice implementation, photo monitoring, and other types of technical assistance depending on physical inspection of the site.  To schedule an appointment or visit, please contact Nathan Harkleroad, Outreach and Education Program Manager, at (831) 758-1469 x 11 or

The Safe Drinking Water Grant Project will award funds to provide interim safe drinking water to affected individuals and small communities, conduct outreach to affected communities to ensure they are aware of risks of nitrate contamination, and implement projects to reduce nitrate loading to groundwater.  Funding has been made available to the following organizations for implementation of the Safe Drinking Water Project:

  • State and Local Smalls Interim Drinking Water Pilot - the Environmental Justice Coalition for Water (EJCW); (916) 432-3529; Colin Bailey
  • Safe Drinking Water Project - the Coalition for Urban Rural Environmental Stewardship CURES), Parry Klassen; 559-288-8125;

The SWRCB awarded funds for numerous Storm Water Grant Program (SWGP) grants on the Central Coast during two funding rounds. Ten grants exceeding $12 million were awarded to promote and implement Low Impact Development (LID) strategies and practices that seek to maintain predevelopment hydrology in Region 3.   The approved funding lists can be found here.

Resources for Grant Project Directors

The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board), Division of Financial Assistance, requires specific forms be completed by contract/grant recipients for Propositions 13, 40, 50, and 319(h) projects. If you need a form or a sample template that is not at the link above, please contact your Grant Manager.

The reference materials contained in this resource guide will give you an overview of the expectations that the State Water Board has regarding management and implementation of your grant project. The resource guide will introduce you to the negotiation and grant execution process, the forms and templates the State Water Board expects you to complete, Internet resources available to you, the reports you will have to submit, and the invoice process for reimbursement of your expenditures.

For more information on the Central Coast Water Board’s Grants Program, or if you are planning on submitting a project application, please contact the Grants Program Coordinator, Katie McNeill, at (805) 549-3336 or the Grants Program Analyst, Diane Glanville at (805) 542-4629.

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