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Public and Legal Information

For specific Public Records Act requests for Irrigated Lands Program information, please submit request directly to

California Public Records Act

The California Public Records Act Guidelines contain key information about access to public records maintained by the Central Coast Water Board.

The Central Coast Water Board maintains public records containing information related to water quality, waste discharges, beneficial uses of water, and water quality regulatory program activities. The public records, created and received by the Central Coast Water Board while administering California's water quality protection programs, are a vital resource. They serve as the memory of the Central Coast Water Board, a record of past events, and the basis for future actions.

The California Public Records Act (PRA) is like the federal Freedom of Information Act; the purpose of these acts is to give private citizens greater access to government information. The PRA considers most government records to be public records, but also recognizes the need to protect individual privacy and the need of agencies to perform their assigned functions in a reasonably efficient manner. Several important exceptions to the PRA protect these interests. Subject to these exceptions, records maintained by the Central Coast Water Board are available to the public.

Irrigated Lands Program GeoTracker

GeoTracker is a database and geographic information system that provides online access to environmental data. It tracks regulatory data about irrigated agricultural lands. Certain ranch enrollment information can be viewed in GeoTracker, in addition to well information in GAMA.

Litigation and Petitions

The State Water Board received two petitions for review of the Central Coast Water Board's Order No. R3-2021-0040, General Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges from Irrigated Lands (Ag Order 4.0).
For more information and/or to view related documents visit the State Water Board’s Ag Order 4.0 water quality petitions web page: